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Open Run with BTG Episode #322

Raiders out of playoff contention. Lakers is frustrating to watch. Texas racism is in full swing when it comes to football, and I hate third party ticket sellers.

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[00:00:38] The Knicks is making moves now, Jay. [00:00:41] The Knicks is making moves. Is it enough? I don't know. Here's the thing, I'm upset about my lakers. We're going to get to them in a minute. [00:00:50] Oh, my God. [00:00:53] I was talking to some Knicks fans, okay? [00:00:58] And some of them are happy, some of them is blah about it. I get it. You know what I'm saying? They got OG, how you say his last name? Ananubi Newbie. I can't say his name. We're just going to call him Oga. Oga. [00:01:16] And in return, the Raptors get. Damn, they just gave away their first round picks. Basically they just gave away their previous first round pick. So they finally let RJ out the gate. You know what are happy? I think people are happy that RJ is gone now. I think Nick's fans is happy that he's gone now. Not because of his production. I don't think it's because of that. I think it's more. So he deserves a better situation, right? I mean, J O told me that he's happy for it because tibbs don't know how to really work with them youngsters like that. Tibbs don't really know how to work with them youngsters like that and messed up his career. So I guess it's a solid move. I guess. I don't know if it moves the needle for either team at this point. Right? I don't think Raptors is on a radar for a lot of people. The Knicks will always, no matter how bad they are, the Knicks will always be on a, like Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys, in a sense, people going to watch them win or fail at the end of the day. So the Knicks did make a move. I don't know if it's a good, it's. [00:02:38] I think the landing piece that they waiting on is that Donovan Mitchell. Once they get down, if they get Donovan Mitchell, that's going to be special. That's going to be special. That's going to turn around. It's heavy on the guards, though. Heavy on the guard. They got a phenomenal guard over there already. So, I mean, we'll see. [00:02:58] I don't know if that really moves the needle for the Knicks. We got to see how this plays out. Obviously, in the second half of the season. We are in the new year. We are in a new year. And what's new for the new year, man? It's a lot of shit that has happened within the past week. Hey, guess what? My raiders are eliminated from the playoff contention. Why? Because we lost to the fucking Colts. Never gave us, well, I ain't gonna say never gave us. We put ourselves in that position anytime coming off of that Kansas City win, right? Which I didn't speak about coming off of that Kansas City win. We always had those not really hypothetical situations. We have situations that were put in. We put ourselves in this situation all the time. Well, if the Raiders went out, anytime they say if the Raiders went out, we're not going to win out. We are not going to win out. So anytime they say the Raiders got to win out and then the Chiefs got to do this and the Chiefs got to do that, we could have won the division. You know how many times we could have won the division when they said we could have won the fucking division? But we put ourselves, we shoot ourselves in the foot. [00:04:04] To the credit of Antonio Pierce and to the credit of the players, everything is still new. Remember, this season alone, just similar to another season. [00:04:21] We switch head coaches in the middle of the goddamn season, right? [00:04:28] We don't have a quarterback. And I'm going to be honest, I'm going to be totally honest. [00:04:35] If Jimmy is able to play, I say we should have started him since the Vikings game, not the very beginning of the Vikings game, but halftime, Jimmy should have been in there. I'm sorry, just because at this point the rest of the season, you know what I'm saying? We've been playing like a middle of the road team and it's like we even have middle of the road know the defense has been playing much better. Shout out to Jack. [00:05:08] And he the one that basically they called the penalty. [00:05:14] They called the penalty on Jack because they said he jumped off sides. If you go to the replay, he didn't. But it doesn't really matter to me. It don't really matter. We put ourselves in that position. [00:05:25] We just don't like it when there is an opportunity to correct that mistake. It's taken away from us. But again, we put ourselves in that position with the defense playing much better. [00:05:42] This is what, the second, maybe the third game we're missing our starting running back. And Josh Jacobs, although White has been playing solid, you know what I mean? Can't really complain. I mean, shit, even Devontae Adams had a fucking game. [00:06:01] Oh, mind you, I got to talk about the fantasy outcome in one of my money leagues. But anyhow, we've been playing much better. The defense has been playing so much better and I like it. You know what I'm saying? I like that we've been playing that way on defense. Lights out. I haven't seen the defense, a Raider defense play like that since like the early two thousand s. [00:06:26] I will say this. [00:06:28] It's time to build on what we got right now. Similar to what? [00:06:33] Similar. Very similar to what Detroit did. Detroit got hot towards the end of the season but they were winning games. We got hot on defense, you know what I'm saying? And we did have a key game that we won. But let's be honest. This is not the Kansas City of know. This is probably one of the weakest Kansas City teams that we've seen. And they're still solid, they're still good. It's just that right now we're going to see Kansas City play in a way game in the playoffs. That's the difference. Because Pat Mahomes has never had to play away in the playoffs. So this is going to be different right here. [00:07:12] But yeah, let's just build on that. Let's continue to build on the defense. Let's sign who we got to sign. And the most important piece is the coaching position and the quarterback position. We have to figure out that quarterback spot. We have to figure out that mother O'Connell is not it. Jimmy, is not it. You know what I mean? At that point I would prefer to put a third string starter or whoever played quarterback in high school at that know. But it is what it is. Shout out to my Raiders season is over. Let's get back to it. As far as my fucking lakers. [00:07:43] When we talk about head coaches you heard me say give Darvin Ham a chance. [00:07:50] He's in a different situation than Antonio Pierce. And I'm going to tell you why. Twelve Cal and King Germ. King Germ. Let me tell you why. There's a difference. Yes. Are they two black head coaches? Yes, they are. I respect both of those coaches. As Darvin Ham and Antonio Pierce are in the same boat. They pay their dues to get a head coaching position. They have paid know they've been on rosters where they've know on the staff. So yes, give them an opportunity. But here's the difference between Antonio Pierce and Darvin Ham. Is that Darvin Ham doesn't have that much time with those particular players. What players am I talking about? You know what players I'm talking about. [00:08:35] Every day we go, every day we wake up, LeBron gets, has and it's not fair. Don't get me wrong, it's not fair. But those are the cards, right? You accepted the job. This is what it so and the cards that he was dealt was a much older LeBron and a some timey Anthony Davis. And he has to work with that now. There's still rumblings, you know what I'm saying? What a roster change. Who knows? Who knows? But at this point he has a different window than Antonio Pierce. Antonio Pierce has an opportunity to prove himself season. Darwin Ham has Hall of Famers on his team. Are they older? Yes. And they have already won a championship, you know what I'm saying? A couple of years ago. So he really don't have much because we have pieces. We have pieces. And you want to know why I know we have pieces? Because all the pieces that I've talked about up until this episode has been asked for in trades. So we have the pieces. It's just that they want to go after a certain player, a score and they're asking for some pieces that we don't want to give up. That's how I know we got some great pieces because we have declined some offers. Here's the thing, we have things to move around on the roster. That's number one. Number two, Darwin Ham has to figure, yo, what the hell are you going to do with those pieces right now? Because he seems a little, I ain't going to say lost, but it's like still trying to figure it out in December. Coming up on, well, now we're in January is not a good look. You still have your core pieces and you got a lot of players from last year, you know what I mean? Now I get it. We have been banged up throughout the season, but we still had the pieces to replace that. Gabe has played what, five games this season, it seems like. [00:10:36] And that was one of our biggest free agent assets. Like, yo, we need a shooter. [00:10:41] Ain't seen a goddamn shot. Know, Austin Reeves has been up and down since his starter Hashimura has been in and out of the is. At this point, d Lo is d lo. Like d Lo is going to give us some great games. Then he has some games where he disappear. We've seen that van, Vando has come back and has disappeared. [00:11:05] It's a lot, bro. We surrounded him with some shooters and we just still haven't figured it out, you know what I'm saying? Because Braun literally still has to play anywhere between 35 to 40 minutes a game. Anthony Davis can put up crazy bugs and his defensive presence, he had a spurt and everybody was, you all got to stop this. Not even just stop this shit for 2024, but just really stop. Every year, every year, every sport, you niggas do the same thing. We could talk bad about a player. That player can go off for one, two. That nigga can go off for a month, and then it's like, but I thought you all said this, and I thought, you know, stupid. We know he could play. [00:11:46] We know he could play. We know he may or not be going to the hall of fame. He may have all star game or something like that. We know this, but he hasn't shown it consistently. That's what we're complaining about. And that goes for any player from d lo to Reeves to Hachimura to Anthony Davis. It don't matter. We know who they are. We know them. I know my players better than anybody else knows my players. [00:12:13] So the criticism I'm giving is fair. It ain't even no bias because I'm actually saying it against them. But at this point, we got to stop seeing Anthony Davis went off for what he had a streak of, like four or five games where he was just a defensive monster and an offensive juggernaut, and niggas were like, well, that's the Anthony Davis well done, nigga. We know that, but we know that that's not going to last for long. It's clear that a lot of people don't watch Laker games all the time. They choose and pick and choose when they want to watch, and then sometimes even then, they don't even watch the whole game. They might catch the highlights and assume off of the highlights, right? No, what we're telling you is that I've been watching Anthony Davis since college. [00:12:55] You know what I'm saying? His college game translated into the NBA, and we seen the number that he was putting up with the Pelicans, and he was putting up ridiculous between Anthony Davis and Kevin Love at the same position. Them niggas was putting up with video game numbers, and then it drifted off into just being solid numbers. I mean, the great numbers from AD at times. [00:13:21] And Kevin Love has had some games here and there, but Kevin Love demoted to a role player at one point. Anthony Davis went from the guy to next to the guy. So it was different. We know about the injuries. We know about when he disappears. Sometimes Anthony Davis gives us a game where he scores 17 points. We're not going to win that game unless Austin Reeves, Delo, and maybe another third player off the bench or another role player went off. That's a fact. [00:13:54] If Anthony Davis scores anything under 25, I will say no. Anything under 22 points have a great defensive game. [00:14:06] Reeves and Hachimura and probably dealo or somebody like that must step up. And that's not even talking about what LeBron has to do. [00:14:16] So at this point, I don't know where we're going to get a coach from if we talk about a coaching change. That's the thing. [00:14:25] I don't be so quick to say, yeah, we need a new coach, we need a new coach. Sometimes it's obvious that you need a new coach, but not so fast when there's no coaches available. Why would you just throw in another coach when you're going to be in the same situation? That's what all these other teams has gone through. [00:14:41] That's not the Laker way. It's never been the, you know, and if we do throw somebody in there, they've probably been a part of the organization already. [00:14:51] So now I've said this a while ago, the Lakers organization in general is trying to catch up to the newer times. We're in this transition where we have an older hall of famer, top five, top three player of all time on our team. But enough hasn't been done from his part in our eyes, as a fan base and even the know. So we're going through that transition. We're seeing it now. They haven't fully caught up Jeannie bus and the gang hasn't fully caught up to what we need to do. And also, we don't have those type of players anymore. Like, y'all gotta really sit here and think about it because I don't think we've had that talk a lot at all. Because even when Jordan was getting ready to leave and we knew it, we still knew the NBA was fine. Even when Kobe left the game, we still knew the game was fine. When you look at the game right now, we don't know that because you don't know who to put the face of the league on now. We just don't know. Y'all niggas was on that Zion train heavy, and he ain't nowhere near that status anymore. And we know that. We just glad that he's able to play consistently now. But, right, you can't name and play. You can't go to Boston and say tatum, you can't, you can't go to Memphis. We already know he's back on recovery. [00:16:17] If anything, you're looking at an outsider, and what I mean by outsider, you're looking at like a Luca or Giannis. [00:16:24] It ain't too many other cats you can put up there for that, for the face of the league consistently. [00:16:30] The reason why we continue to talk about LeBron, Kobe, Jordan, is because at one point, they were the face of the league, the most recognizable player in the league, with other superstars, you know, shout out to darbing ham. I want to say, let's hope he gets it together, but at this point, I think he's going to need a little bit more help from his players. [00:16:56] They're going to have to help him out because they haven't been doing it yet, not consistently. We struggling again, you know what I mean? And honestly, maybe it's simply just Bron is just too goddamn old to do what he used to do, some shit that we already know. So they're just trying to pace it, but we don't have enough time to be pacing like that, you know what I'm saying? And there's a rule against that. Y'all gonna fuck up the all star game if y'all keep doing that. But anyhow, let's close this out. College football, we've seen Bama. I missed the whole Bama Michigan matchup. I'm so mad. I was busy, man. But I've seen the aftermath. [00:17:37] Brings me great joy to see Bama lose in that type of game. It brings me great joy. FSU. Sorry, twelve cow. Sorry, I have to do this. No disrespect to you. [00:17:48] I still disagree that Bama have leapfrog like that. Oh, I still disagree with that. [00:17:56] But FSU, I tried to fight for you, bro. [00:18:00] I tried to. I tried to say, no, give them a chance. [00:18:06] Hell, no. [00:18:08] Without a quarterback, they don't want your niggas up there. And I see why. [00:18:13] You know me, twelve cow. I'm one of those believers that, hey, these niggas earn to give them a chance. If they get smacked, that's on them. But they earn to get to that spot, right? Well, honestly, you can say Vegas had a hand in this if you want to, because I believe all conspiracies at this point in the national championship, we got the last of the Pac twelve. The last of the Pac twelve versus the Big ten. And we already know how that's set up because Washington, USC, UCLA is headed over to the Big Ten next season. [00:18:52] What greater way to open up that new season of a powerhouse than to have a big Ten versus a Pac twelve matchup? Wow, that's going to be beautiful, man. [00:19:06] I'm watching that game. I cannot miss the national championship, you know what I'm saying? Michigan versus Washington, that's going to be crazy right there. You know what I'm saying? The Northwest coast versus the midwest for the title. Bama got to be salty. Oh, speaking of salty, did y'all see those Texas fans? Oh, did the racism come out? Oh, my God. Did the racism come out? Did the racism come out? And you all seen the clips of the players. And let's say this, though, in the sport. King German, twelve cow. I got to speak to my college heads OTR bike. I know you're listening to shout out to you, my boy, there's a certain level of respect when it comes to yapping at each other. [00:19:54] I'm not sure if those fans really. And we notice. We know the fan base don't really care about the respect. We know that off top. [00:20:04] But those players showed a little bit more restraint. You know what I'm saying? Like saying that we own the south, we two and o. That's not disrespectful. That's just jabber. That's just talking. You know what I'm saying? [00:20:18] From what we've seen from that video clip, and I'm not saying what I didn't see. What I didn't see, I didn't hear. But from that clip, it wasn't no profanity from those players or nothing like that. [00:20:30] John Morant made a slick remark because the Texas quarterback, when he did score, he did the whole little gun thing. Bang, bang, bang thing. He didn't get in the broadcast, which he is. Right. But side note, John Moran. Shut up. [00:20:47] Shut up, bro. [00:20:51] No, just shut up. I don't even want to try to. No, I ain't going to break it. People already know. Shut up, John. We get it. It's not like he's wrong, but it's like right message, wrong person. You know what? He was basically the outrage. Know, Texas quarterback did the bang, bang, bang. And they trying to equate it to John Morant when he did it or whatever. And it's like, no, it is the same, but it's not the same. It's not the same because John Moreno's been getting his ass in trouble all goddamn for the past year or so. That's why. Okay? But at the same time, the race thing is going to pop up. White quarterback, black point guard, same gestures, different media outtakes. It's whatever. At the end of the day, it's been a racial thing between Washington and Texas before the game started. Oh, that Texas southern racism came right out. It came right out. And them Texas niggas wanted to fight. Oh, them Texas fans wanted to fight so bad. Yeah, it's whatever. But y'all heard the matchup, Michigan. [00:22:00] Them boys in blue versus Washington. You know what I'm saying? [00:22:08] That purp and gold versus that big blue and yellow wolverines, you know what I'm saying? Versus the Huskies. It's going to be a solid one. I'm tapping into that one for show. [00:22:22] Yeah, that's it. Hey, again, the new year is here. You know what we got rolling around? We got NFL playoffs rolling. Got. [00:22:31] What else we got? We got the all star game, and then we got the Super bowl. We got march Madness. We got all that shit coming up. All that shit coming up, you know what I'm saying? I forgot which one. Yeah, I think the Super bowl is going to be before all star game, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know, man, but it doesn't really matter. We know it's going to be back to back, you know what I'm saying? We got the national championship coming up. We're going to have the NFL playoffs coming up. We're going to have the Super bowl coming up. We're going to have all star weekend, and then obviously, we're going to have the greatest sports event of all time. And that is March Madness. [00:23:10] I got to tell you all this before I get out of here. So I was supposed to have tickets to the UCLA USC women's game. Number two, UCLA versus number six, USC. Going to see juju Watkins. You know what I'm saying? I love her, but you got to take that l to my bruins. In which they did. But you know why me and my daughter and my homeboys weren't able to attend that game? Yo, all you third party ticket sellers, I hate y'all. Not all y'all, but the ones that need to be talked about, because to me, I found, and you know what? I can't be completely mad at it. I'm going to tell you why. [00:23:44] I'm supposed to get three emails. The first one is the confirmation that I bought the tickets. The second one is telling me your third party person is supposed to contact you with the tickets or whatever. The second email has some type of code access or whatever, and it just let me know which section that we were going to be sitting in, but it never let me know the seats or the row, right? We just knew the section 114. I didn't forget Poly pavilion. I was ready, dressed, ready to go. And this was like five, 6 hours prior to the game starting because I had to make sure I was like, I did not see the tickets because the ticket online tickets are going to come with a QR code. You know what? I'm saying you could print it out or you could just do it over the phone. I didn't get no QR code, so I called them about three or four times. I got two different representatives. The second representative was fired. The first one, well, actually, it was three total. The first one, he was like, all right, I'm sorry. We're going to try to contact him. And they did. They contacted the seller. The seller was like, all right, I'm going to send them an email. [00:24:52] My bad. I had a call. I waited an hour. That bitch didn't come right. [00:25:00] Called again. This person was phenomenal. They were on the phone with me for damn near almost an hour trying to figure out get in contact. They called that person multiple times. Not only that, they tried to do a reimbursement. Not a reimbursement. I take that back. Not a reimbursement. They gave me an option to get my money back when I was like, no. Other people are counting on me to go to this game. I don't want my money back. I want my tickets. So they was like, all right, well, you could just get some different tickets. Perfect. [00:25:35] Game, sold out. Twelve cow game, fucking sold out. You got to believe it. You want to know why? Because UCLA is number two in a fucking nation. Poly pavilion in LA, and we're going up against Juju Watkins, who's a crosstown rival, and they number six in the nation. You damn right. That fucking game is sold out. [00:25:54] That hurt my soul, dog. Hurt my soul. So I wasn't able to go. D Murph. I was not able to go. [00:26:01] Got my money back. [00:26:03] Got my money back. That one hurt, though. That one really hurt, because it's not even about. [00:26:09] No, it is about that. It's about the memories, though. You took that experience away from me. The only reason why I said earlier is because I wasn't mad, is because they probably found this is the only thing that happened that could have happened. They got a better offer when they seen that them tickets went up. Them seats went up, or they went themselves, and I was about to do some gangster shit. I was going to say, well, let's just go anyway because I got the confirmation, and I know that where the section is. [00:26:39] But this would make sense, because this makes sense. [00:26:43] What if we get there and the people that sell the tickets to or the people who actually selling the tickets come up? They got the rights because they actually got the tickets. We don't have the tickets. We have confirmation that we bought the tickets, but we never got them. So who do you think they're going to seat? And I'm not about to drive all the way to Poly pavilion to cause a ruckus. Nah, just give me my money back, man. And they gave me my money back. Plus, they gave me $28 credit. So any sports event that I go through, through there, I'll be able to use that towards some tickets or whatever. And I just found out that I could have went to the Alabama and Michigan game, but I missed that call. But whatever. [00:27:21] Open road with BTG. This is a new year. [00:27:25] I'm working on switching up the sports format of the show, bringing on more guests, et cetera. [00:27:31] You heard the voices of the twelve cows, the King germs, the OTR mics, even my boy, Dimitri. J o. You heard a lot of cast the murphs of the world. Well, Murph sent in a question I'm going to have to have. No, I think Murph has sent in a voice memo. If not, I got to start hitting all my sports heads. Jarv, shout out. Shout out to Manny. B. Yeah, man, it's time to turn it up a little more because we ain't going to ever stop talking sports. It's January 2. [00:28:01] It's January 2. Clean out your lockers, okay? [00:28:06] Because with these sports events coming up after that, the offseason will be here, baby. And nobody does the offseason with sports better than me. Open run with BTG, man. I see you all later. Hey, and get the fucking street shoes off my court.

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