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Episode 323 January 10, 2024 00:20:35
The Raider Way
Open Run With BTG
The Raider Way

Jan 10 2024 | 00:20:35


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Open Run with BTG Episode #323

12Kyle stopped by the gym again. He’s asking if my Raiders can or will make the perfect mistake this offseason? Do we go with our heart or do we go with the hottest coach on the market?

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[00:00:50] Speaker A: I'm trying to get some shots in, but before I get some shots in, man, let me tell you something. I actually have a question. I know you're a Raiders guy right now. At the time of this recording, Raiders don't have a head coach. They had an interim head coach, Antonio Pierce, guy from Compton, former New York Giant. As I'm a Giants fan, he did well. He did well. In replacing Josh McDaniel, who got fired earlier this season. Pierce has seemed to have won over the locker room. The Raiders played inspired ball going down the stretch. I saw a couple of know, not really having his guys in there, but I mean, you got two cornerstones of the franchise and Max Crosby and Devontae Adams, who are literally and figuratively hanging on every word that Antonio Pierce says. So I think you got the guys on both sides of the ball who will go to bat for you and you continuing to do the job if Antonio Pierce is named the head coach. I do also know that I think at the time of this recording, Michigan's head coach, Jim Harbaugh is probably going to leave Michigan. And if he leaves Michigan, Vegas is a place that he could land. Mark Davis can't mess this up, in my opinion. And I think if he would mess it up by going after Harbaugh as opposed to keeping Antonio Pierce, again, I'm going to be honest, bail. I'm a little biased because I am a Giants fan and Antonio Pierce is a giant. That being said, a couple of years ago when you guys fired Gruden, remember rich pistachio? That guy did a really good job as the. I can't remember what his record was, but he did a really good job as interim head coach and you guys let him go. And you brought in McDaniels. So hopefully Mark Davis, the owner of the Raiders, doesn't make the same mistake twice in letting go an interim coach who has won the locker room over and who could be a really good head coach if given the opportunity. [00:03:04] Speaker B: What. [00:03:04] Speaker A: Do you think is going to happen? I know you communicate with a lot of your friends who are part of mean feelings aside, because I know you love Antonio Pierce. Feelings aside, what is the best move for Raider nation going forward? Man? That's it, man. That's all I got. Let me get in here and get some free throws up, man. Ahala. [00:03:24] Speaker B: Hey, take them goddamn street shoes off. First of all, twelve cow, no street shoes in my gym. And tell King Germ stop leaving his goddamn practice jersey in his life. Take him home. Wash them. Wash them. God damn it, Rick. Mustachio. I always get his name. I always think of a different last name for him. But yeah, Rick Mustachio. I want to bring up him. I want to bring up Tom Cable. Great point. Twelve cow always and shout out to twelve cow. Great point that he mentioned that Antonio Pierce has the locker room. Rick Bestacio had the locker room. Tom Cable had the locker room. We had a few interim coaches that had the locker room. So when you say that Mark Davis can't mess this up, he can and he can't at the same time. I'm going to tell you how he can't mess this up. You can't mess this up with any one of the hires. But you can piss us off if you go after Jim Harbaugh. And this is what I mean when you said that Jim Harbaugh is a great. It's a better landing spot for him to go to the Chargers because they have a franchise quarterback. They still have some solid defensive pieces. Now offensively, the weapons, I love the weapons that they have, but those weapons are banged up, you know what I mean? And I don't want to go deep into what the Chargers have and what they don't have. What he's trying to say is they might have a overall better roster than us with the franchise quarterback included. We don't have a franchise quarterback, so he's correct on that one. We're looking for a quarterback currently. We do have a cornerstone in Max Crosby. When he brought up Devante Adams, I scrunched my face up a bit. You want to know why I like him? He's a top three receiver in the league. Talent wise. Overall, some of the best hands, footwork, separation that you could find. The problem is, history has shown you don't need a receiver like that to win a super bowl or make it to the playoffs. He is the type of player that deserves to be on a team and the jets has been mentioned with him going over there playing with his buddy again, he's a diva. And I'm not against the whole diva. I'm not against it. But the thing is, I don't need that pouting when things don't go his way. I don't need none of that. Even though, like you said, he has hung on every word that Antonio Pierce have said, including Max Crowley is a got, Howie Long is a know. Bo Jackson is a raider, Marcus Allen is a raider, Tim Brown is a out. I want to give a special shout out to the dolomite because he had one of the oh my God, cocaine white Raider jacket and he brought up Rocket Ishmael. Jesus Christ. That's throwback right there. But you know, there's a certain Napoleon coffin Raider, you know what I'm saying? John Ritchie Raider. Zach Crockett, Raider. You know what I'm saying? GreG BeAkeR, that's a raider. So yeah, I'm not going to say Devante is not a Raider, but he deserved to be with it seems like he wanted to play with one of his guys and he did. But he also has played with Aaron Rodgers and that's his guy. So he might end up over there with the jets and I wouldn't be mad at it at know and I'll be happy for him. So I don't consider him. He is a cornerstone player. I don't know if he's a Raider cornerstone at the moment. He could be a piece that could be moved. Let's get back to how they can mess this up and how they can't mess this up at the same time. They can mess it up because Antonio Pierce has all of our hearts. He does. That is a raider that played for the damn giants, but he's from Compton. We've always said this, some Raiders there are born Raider fans and a lot of them has played in a league against the Raiders and has dominated against the Raiders at one point in their life. You know what I mean? It's kind of like the whole, I'm bringing up my Lakers twelve cow. A lot of these young cats grew up watching Kobe or just watching the Lakers in general, watching Showtime. So they grew up as Laker fans, but their favorite team lies somewhere else. But true in and true out. Yo, to be a raider is know. And I think one of the things that is going to help Antonio Pierce is that he's not going to be as much as Jim Harbaugh. This is coming off a national championship. Why would he leave? And why wouldn't he leave? He can only answer that question because he is the hottest coach on the market, right? Hey, let's not forget he has taken a NFL team to the Super bowl before. He is a good coach with the Khakis and all, you know what I mean? Would I be upset if they hired Jim Harbaugh? I would. Would I be satisfied? I would. Both can be true. I will also be sad because Antonio Pierce deserves it. And it'd be like turning our back on him. Or at least Mark Davis would be turning his back. He's more affordable, he has the locker room. He might be the reason why some of these players want to stay. And Jim Harbaugh might be the reason why. Some of these players know you got to see what he can do. You know what mean. And the one thing I would be nervous about is Jim Harbaugh was to take that Chargers job because that means we have to deal with him. And he is the better coach record wise, history wise. Because Antonio Pierce hasn't had a full season under his belt. He doesn't have that history yet. Jim Harbaugh does. But it's the Raiders way, man. If he doesn't get that job, I can tell you right now, a large percentage of the Raider nation will be extremely upset. Extremely upset. So to answer your question, you can go on Twitter right now. You could type in hashtag Raider Nation. They'll let you know. Antonio Pierce, is it. You're going to have some cats who's not really Raider fans or I mean, look, I'm part of a Laker fan base that's delusional as know we have delusional Laker fans as well inside of the fan base. Even though we have the hardware, the history, the players, the jerseys, the hall of famers, all that shit, we got all that to back up our arguments any given Sunday. At the same time, we got a lot of Casual Laker fans that don't know what the hell they'd be talking about with the Raiders. I'm going to tell you right now, there's a very small portion of cats that want to act like they want to be on the other side. Don't be so quick to jump on board. He hasn't coached a full season and this, that and the third, he hasn't really proved. He has proved something. The second half of the season, the defense has shown that they could either play with some of the great teams or be right there. I was disappointed in the coach game. A call didn't go our way. At the same time, we still gave them a know they beat us. But that was a winnable game. That Vikings game was a winnable game. Hell, we had some winnable games when we had McDaniels, but we didn't feel like we was in it. That Detroit game, a winnable game. If you look at some of these games that we should have won or could have won, the Bears game that we could have won, we're talking about being in the playoffs and you got to give him a chance to have his particular players in because keep in mind he coached a lot of players. He coached a lot, a lot of players that wasn't his and then we're also looking for it. We're actively out the gate looking for a GM and we're over there in Inglewood talking to the Chargers GM. You know what I'm saying? Not only that, we're in the backyard. We're in the backyard Buffalo Bills, we're in a lot of backyards right now. We're in a lot of backyards trying to get the GM trying to put everything together. I don't see how we can mess this up. Twelve cow. Honestly, I don't think we should mess it up that way. Jim hardball is the hottest ticket. I asked myself, well, why would he want to leave college football like you are the cream of the crop right now. You had every Ohio State fan watching that game waiting for y'all to lose at one point. A lot of Ohio State fans turned it off because they knew Washington wasn't going to come back. So why would he want to leave? That's like asking why would Saban leave Alabama at one point? Why would any coach want to leave? A situation with coaching the LSU's of the world or the USCs of the know if they had success. You won the national title as the Michigan Wolverine head coach. It does not get better than that. That national championship probably weighs more than some Super Bowls. You got to understand that. So he has the world in his hands right now or in his khakis. So I agree with twelve cow 1000%. The only way we can mess this up is by signing him. At the same time, it's not much of a mess up. It's going against our feelings, it's going against our heart. But it's just as a right higher than anything. The one thing that might be stopping us is do we really have the money to pay him? Do we? And if we don't, that's cool because we do have enough money to pay. You know, as an unproven coach. That's what it is. That's what it stands as right now. At the same time, he has proven to be a great Raider coach. Give him a chance. Give him a chance. Give him this season, maybe not another season after that, but I mean, I'm not sure what kind of contract you would give. Give. You got to give these coaches a chance, at least two to three years to build something at the same time Jim Harbaugh resume speaks. It just speaks volumes to upcow. You can't deny it. And if we don't get him, I don't want any team in AFC west to get him. I don't want him in NFL, period. I don't want him in NFL, period. Because I think he's a great coach. I think he's a great coach and I think he could figure it out. He has figured it out. He has taken a team. Understand what I'm saying? He has taken a team to the Super bowl before. A lot of coaches don't get to do that. He has taken a team to the Super bowl and he has also taken a team, a college football team, to the national championship and won. And won. He's still on that high right now. He's the hottest coach, period, in sports overall. There's no other coach that's buzzing besides him. He is the hottest coach right now. So, yeah, absolutely. You can go wrong as a raider by not picking the right coach, but is it not picking the right coach? You know what I mean? You just got to ask yourself, it's a business thing. So here's the thing. What I'm looking at, what we want as a fan base versus what we need as a fan base. What we can afford as a franchise opposed to what we actually have. You know what I mean? The number one thing is, I know they're going after the GM right now. We need a quarterback first and foremost. I'm not sure if we're going to go with a rookie. We're going to try to steal Justin Fields. Who knows? But we definitely need a quarterback. O'Connell, shout out to you. You did the best you could do under short circumstances. I wouldn't even say short because early on you had a chance to show that you could take the spot from Jimmy, and it didn't really show. It started with that first Chargers matchup, and you kind of blew it then, but I was still on your side. O'Connell is not the way. O'Connell is not the way. So we need a quarterback, and we need a quarterback that can get out of the house when that shit is on fire. You know what I mean? So at the end of the day, twelve cow. I hear what you're saying. I definitely hear what you're saying. Again, they can mess it up. In a way, you are right. I'm not sure if I could be that mad. You know what I'm saying? I just don't know if I could be that mad that long because it's Jim hardball at the end of the day. But I'm on paper, I'm on audio at saying I need Antonio Pierce to be. When you say the bias, because you're a Giants fan and he was a former Giants player and he's a defensive coach. That's the plus for me. When Tom Cable was an offensive line coach, that was a plus for me. Rick was just overall a. I think he was special teams if I'm not mistaken. But he had the player's ear. I'm biased too, bro. I'm biased towards black head coaches in general who earned know, even though Jim Harbaugh has earned it. But look at Antonio Pierce. They threw him in a fire and he did good. He did good, man. He did good and he did good with the Pieces that was there already. So I'm not sure how the roster is going to shape up. I don't, I really don't. And we'll talk about that on some later episodes, maybe when it gets closer to the draft. But as of right now, we need the GM. And look, make no mistake, my raiders has always been, I'm not going to say in the know, but we've been in the mixed pot. We've been making gumbo, you know what I'm saying? Because we got black executives walking around everywhere in that goddamn stadium. So does it help know we can get another one. But we definitely need another black head coach. A black head coach who deserves it. And that's Antonio Pierce. That is a raider right there from Compton, by the way. So yeah, that's my answer. Yes, they can mess this up. They can mess this up by not hiring Antonio Pierce. But at the same time, is it really messing it up by hiring Jim Harbaugh? Don't even talk to me. If we didn't hire Antonio Pierce or we didn't hire a Jim Harbaugh, then I'm really like kicking some shit over, but no Antonio issue. Go Antonio Pierce. And then second will probably be Jim Harbaugh. But again, we still got money. We talking about he's going to cost a lot, bro. He's going to cost a lot. He means a lot. Right know, right now trending is Cat Williams and Jim Harbaugh. You know what I'm saying? So I'm sticking with that. But for right now, man, I'm sticking with my head coach. Raider Nation, where we at? Where we at right with you. Appreciate your support this entire season. Glad we went out with a bang with you. Raider Nation, stand up. We'll see you in 2024. Hope we do. I hope we do see them. I hope we do. Shout out to twelve cow, you know the rules of my gym. No street shoes. Don't come in here with them street shoes. And you just finished coming off a fresh party. You know what I'm saying? Nice little party. We seen you, me and Dolomite. Seen you on FaceTime. Don't come in my gym with street shoes. Tell King Germany to take his jersey home and wash it. All right. And come back. Come back. I appreciate the sports questions all day. You all go over there and check out twelve cow, too, man. We got some things kicking up. Especially this week. Especially. He got a house party episode. That's for the record books. That's for the record books. But, yeah, Raider nation, we signing out. Oh, yeah. We got a lot to talk about with my lakers coming up, but not today. All the shine got to go to my Raiders, man, because they picked it up in the second half of the season and they had an opportunity to make it to the playoffs. But they didn't, and that's okay. But, yeah, this weekend we will be seeing the first slate of playoff games. But we'll get to that next week. Overrun with BTG. Take your goddamn street shoes off and ahala.

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