Wild Cards

Episode 324 January 17, 2024 00:15:29
Wild Cards
Open Run With BTG
Wild Cards

Jan 17 2024 | 00:15:29


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Open Run with BTG Episode #324

Dallas lost. The Dolphins showed that they can’t swim out of water nor in cold weather. Detroit has broken the 60yr streak of not making the playoffs.

Wild Cards #Open324

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[00:00:40] How about them Cowboys, King Germ? [00:00:44] I know my boy dobby celebrating. He a Giants fan. Twelve cow is a Giants fan as well. I want to say King Jammer is a Philly fan, so I know he happy. You know what I'm saying? I don't even know. Oh, Big B, big B. Redskins. Oh, my bad, my bad. The Commanders or the Washington football team? How about them Cowboys? Man, they got dominated. [00:01:10] They tried to pull up a little bit, make it reasonable, but given the Packers 48 points. [00:01:20] 48. Amen. When I tell you all, you all made Jordan love, nigga, I thought Aaron Rogers was out there for a minute. [00:01:32] Hell, yeah. Dak Prescott. Hey, I can't say he didn't show up. [00:01:38] And I can't say he did show up. [00:01:42] Throwing for over 400 yards and three touchdowns. That's a hell of a game. But if you throw two, two interceptions, you threw two interceptions. One was to the crib, too, you know what I'm saying? [00:01:58] After that, nobody really showed up. He had both receivers. Lamb and Gallup showed up. You know what I'm saying? But outside of that, the running game was nonexistent. A little bit. A little bit. [00:02:11] I think Pollard, if Pollard get over a hundred, man, they win that game. You know what I'm saying? I mean, they're controlling the clock a little bit more, but Jesus Christ, Dallas, what are we expecting? Dallas? I think a lot of people wasn't surprised. I would say that, because to me, the biggest games this weekend, like this was a hell of a wild card weekend. To me, the biggest games were the Kansas City and the Kansas City Miami game. That was a big game to me. And then you had, obviously, the Dallas Cowboys in Green Bay, anybody that Dallas plays. And then Detroit versus the Rams, that was solid. But that wasn't the only team that got smacked around, because the Texans, my nigga, the Texans have come to play some motherfucking football, you know what I'm saying? Flacco out there looking tired in the motherfucker, even though he threw for over 300 yards. But God damn, that nigga looked tired out there. [00:03:15] What can we say about CJ Stroud, man? It seems like he's coming into his own three tubs, close to 300 yards throwing. I mean, he's showing up and he's showing up with a lot of. [00:03:27] He's showing up with unknown household names right now. You know what I'm saying? He's getting this shit. He's getting this shit done. Let's just put it like that. He's getting this shit done. What was disappointing was the Dolphins dog. We seen that. No, a. I made this joke on twitter. They can't do nothing out of water. And it was frozen. It was frozen out there. It was cold. That cheetah was on ice, Moniga. No, that cheetah was on ice the whole game. You want to know how I know? Because they only scored seven points. [00:04:04] I mean, two are throwing for under 201. Touchdown. That's nasty business. No running game. You know what I'm saying? He'll have the only touchdown. So he showed up just a little bit, but not enough. [00:04:18] Not enough, not enough. You know what I mean? Great playoff games, though. I mean, I can't knock it. I cannot knock it. That Rams game, Detroit got away with a pass interference towards the end of the game, right? But as a. Can't, you can't. You can't really knock them for not getting. Because they got robbed on a playoff call against Dallas some years ago. They also got robbed against Dallas again this year in a regular season. So they've gotten robbed before. You know what? You know? But it was a game changing nine call, though, because for one, they was in field goal range, and two, they was looking to score. They was trying to get down there and score a touchdown. Stafford was banged up. I'm talking about ribs, yo. And I think he had a concussion. Twelve cal, you hearing me right now? That nigga had a slight concussion that last play when he got hurt. When he hurt his ribs, man, they showed it too many. And I told my wife she didn't want to see it. I told my wife, from the moment they showed that instant replay, I said, that nigga got a concussion, and then he snapped out of it. Maybe the rib pain was more severe than that concussion at the time, but that nigga looked like. Because his eyes was glare. Glare and wide open still. Like, nigga, nothing was moving for at least a second and a half. And that's long enough. That's long enough for me to say, man, this nigga had a concussion, dog. [00:05:53] Oh, my God. But, I mean, they put it away. The Rams couldn't stop them on two. No, not even third down. They just couldn't stop them on two drives. [00:06:06] Yeah, they picked up a couple of first downs, and that was it. They picked up those key first downs after two minute warning, and that was it, man. We got some good football coming our way. Without a doubt, dog. We got some good football coming our way. I can't wait for it, man. Because, like, green Bay versus the Niners, that's a classic matchup, even though I know a lot of people ain't going to believe in that one. That's the classic matchup that we don't get next week. And then who else we got lined up after? [00:06:40] See, let me see. [00:06:42] They got Green Bay versus the. [00:06:49] Got. Who else we got? What's the rest of the matchups? I can't even find the rest of the goddamn matchups. Or Green Bay. That Green Bay versus the Niners is going to be solid as hell. I think that's where the train stops, though. That's where that Jordan love shit. It might stop. I mean, he might be. Look, I'm happy for Green Bay because they finally got, they, they finally got their quarterback to. He, look, he got into the playoffs. He squeaked into the playoffs. And not only that, after he squeaked into the goddamn playoffs, man, he basically got them a w dog. [00:07:32] That's what's up, man. So I'm happy about that. I'm happy about that. But that's it. That's it for sports, for right now. I mean, at least for football. I forgot. [00:07:43] We still got the Steelers and Bills coming up. We got the Eagles and Buccaneers. I should have recorded this episode after that. Oh, man, that Steelers and Bills game gonna be tough. And ain't nobody gonna be surprised if the Eagles lose to the Buccaneers. Ain't nobody gonna be surprised. Ain't nobody gonna be surprised. All right, now let's get to these goddamn Lakers, man. I know y'all ready to hear me talk about my goddamn Lakers, man. We're going on like, another losing streak or whatever. [00:08:12] I don't like it. You know what I'm saying? We just recently lost to the jazz. [00:08:20] Shit. Who else did we lose to? [00:08:23] Because it seemed like ever since we had lost that, I mean, we beat the goddamn clippers, man. It was just all downhill after that. We figured that we was going to win that game, though. [00:08:37] We playing well. Oh, yeah. We lost to the Phoenix sun. Yeah, that was a pretty bad one. [00:08:43] We let that niggle bill drop, like, damn near almost 40 that game. Almost. You know what I'm saying? But a lot of trade talk has been. Obviously, we're back in a trade talk. Twelve cow, man, we in Atlanta backyard right now, and it's not about Trey young, okay? Dejante Murray might be headed this way, and I like it. I think that trade actually might go through. It might not help Atlanta, but Atlanta need more than just. I mean, y'all need the pieces. Those are solid pieces that they offering. You know what I'm saying, but at the end of the day, until y'all get y'all a bona fide star or superstar, it really don't matter, right? Y'all just gonna be shuffling around. See, we're shuffling around our role players, but we need a guard that's going to be able to tack that basket. Dejante Murray. I'll take him over. Zach Levine. Yeah, Hayes, I said it. I'll take him over in a, in a man in a heartbreak. [00:09:37] I don't think we'll be able to get him. You know what? [00:09:42] I really, I will fuck with Debo over there. You know what, Zach? Nah, man. Nah, I'm cool. [00:09:55] I'm cool. After thinking about it, I'm like, no, I'm cool. I don't want to pull the trigger on that. Deontay Murray, I fuck with that one. Heavy, heavy on that one, man. [00:10:06] I don't know if we're going to be able to pull it off, but I want to, you know what saying? Like, if that makes, like, I want to be able to pull that one off, that's the one that I want because we're not going to do that trade offer. Well, there was a trade proposal that wasn't necessarily real, but Dejante Murray has been brought up, know, he's been brought up in the talks with the Lakers and shit like that, but we still got to figure out that packers, of course we got to give up a pick. I'm fine with that. Give up the pick. You know what I'm saying? Deontay Murray is young cat. [00:10:45] I'll take that one. I'll take the young cat. [00:10:50] Yeah, man. That's it, man. It's going to be short episode. I mean, we got a lot of content coming our way, but NFL playoffs in full effect. Wild card weekend was a huge success. My Lakers is tripping, dog. Oh, my God. This nigga. I forgot before I get out of here, yo, Bill Belichick leaving. [00:11:11] Yo, like, do you understand what that means? For my life, I've been watching Bill Belichick coach his whole, not his whole life, but as far as a Patriots coach, his whole career, Nick Saban said, fuck them nil deals. I'm up out of here. And that job didn't last too long. You know what I'm saying? The coach from Washington said, nigga, I'm on it. You know what I'm saying? But that Bama job literally was up for like maybe a day and a half, literally, maybe less than 24 hours. That motherfucker was already gone. Bamboo moved fast, my nigga. But Nick Saban said, fuck, I'm the fuck up out of here. I'm the fuck up out of here. And, yo, speculation is saying with Dallas exiting in a wild card, nigga, Bill Belichick might take that job. Now, we don't know from Bill Belichick's point of view, you know what I'm saying? And they still talking about my still. We're talking to coaches. I don't know. We just finished talking to Frazier, the former Vikings head coach. And I'm like, why? [00:12:11] I'm like, why? At this point, we know who we want. Antonio Pierce, he just came out, said mad Max, said the ultimatum is, yo, I need Pierce or L. Now, he cleared it up and said. He didn't really say it like that, but what he's saying is, I know we got to do our due diligence, but this is the coach that we really want. You know what I'm saying? Jim Harbaugh is the new toy on the market. Everybody wants him. I really don't want him to come to the AMC West. I don't want him to go to the Chargers. I don't. You know what I mean? And that could be a possibility if he don't get hired by the Raiders. Like I said last episode, we can mess that up and not mess up at the same time. We can hire Antonio Pierce and please all. Well, most of the fans, we can hire Jim Harbaugh and piss off half of the fan base, including myself, but still be satisfied. You know what? We'll see. We'll see. But, man, when I tell you there's a lot of musical chairs and shit like that, as far as the NFL, shit went down. I'm talking about some shit went down, man. Now, before I get out of here, I seen something. You know how I do, man. I've seen something on the Internet. I've talked about this before because we talked about the top players who had injury prone careers and who we would have had just in case they didn't get injured. So this is the no injuries. Who will have the best career? Hear me out. The best career. And I'm about to go through these names. Yao Ming, right? Okay, you all hear me? You all hear me? Brandon Roy, Derek Rose, Tracy McGrady, and of course, Grant Hill. Now, look, I'm going to put these in order. King Germ, twelve cow. Dolomite. [00:13:53] Jarv, Manny B. You know what I'm saying, Murph? Let me know. Let me know if I'm tripping you all could put them in your order if you all want to, but I'm going order right now. I'm going to say, number one, Grant Hill. Number two, Brandon Roy. [00:14:10] Number three. [00:14:13] Number three. It's a slight tie between Tracy McGrady and Derrick Rose, but I'm going to go Derek Rose. [00:14:22] No, I might have to go McGrady. Doug McGrady was crazy in. [00:14:27] So, yes, I'm gonna go Grant Hill, Brandon Roy, Tracy McGrady, Derrick Rose, then Yao Ming. I think Yao Ming would probably have been one of the top bigs of all time in the NBA, but he not catching. [00:14:42] He ain't going to be no joker. You know what I'm saying? Well, I mean, we don't know. We don't know. But Joker is Joker. You know what I'm saying? And other cats are solidified. So that's not my personal top five. Because I personally would have put Penny Hardaway on here, and he probably would have been number one or number two next to Grant Hill. But as far as this list of no injuries, who have the best career. I'm going Grant Hill, Brandon Roy, Tracy McGrady, Derrick Rose, yao. Me overrun with BTG. Remember to do not bring no motherfucking house shoes in my gym. And I'm up out of here. Yo, football is back, man. That is exciting.

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