Seasonal Champs

Episode 319 December 13, 2023 00:21:15
Seasonal Champs
Open Run With BTG
Seasonal Champs

Dec 13 2023 | 00:21:15


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Open Run with BTG Episode #319

The Los Angeles Lakers 2023 In season tournament champions. Time to get used to hearing that? Where do my Raiders go from here? Does the in season tournament championship help Lebron's legacy?

Seasonal Champs #Open319

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[00:00:50] Speaker A: Know, you all know I'll be fake watching baseball and shit like that. But you know, hey, when we get to the postseason, I'm ten toes down, all right? So I know how important this is to the baseball community that my Dodgers pulled off a ten year 700 meal to get one of the biggest free agents known. The man kind of. Look, forget all that. Forget all that. I'm here to bring up some hate. I'm here to bring up some hate because my Lakers. What? Oh my God. Twelve cow king germ. [00:01:23] Speaker B: My Lakers have been brought up in. [00:01:27] Speaker A: The news cycle again. Can you believe it? It's like we don't get talked about in the news that much. But lately. Oh my God. Now look, I still think we're going to trade a couple of cats, but after the recent performance of winning the. [00:01:42] Speaker B: First annual in season tournament. [00:01:46] Speaker A: Am I excited? Not really. I'm capping. I'm lying to you. I'm not that excited. It was dope. And here's the thing. I still haven't figured out how this shit plays out in anything else outside of them getting paid some money. Now here's another question. Maybe twelve Cal can answer this one because I don't know, it'd be interesting to know if them catches getting the full 500 or if they get in the 231. Because Cali take all even though in Nevada, well, they said there's no tax but I think they still anything over. My homeboy told me anything over nine k, they taxing. But they're not going to take as much. Cali takes half of whatever you got. Trust me. I just cashed my check today. I just seen it. It hurts my gross after the gross is gross. But anyhow, yeah, no, the Lakers pulled it off. And look, I'll go as far as saying we probably had the best in season tournament defense, but outside is mediocre. Now, I know Gabe is supposed to be coming back. Austin Reeves has picked it up. Cam Reddick is like, he's not playing. The expectations is not there for me, right? Like it's just not there. And I want him on the squad because we need him for his defense because me and the homies was talking about who would we be willing to give up for either Zach or DeMar. And I said, I want DeMar Rosen out the gate and I'm willing to give up certain players, but I'm not giving up those particular players. I'm not giving up Rui and I'm not giving up Rui and Reeves for no Zach Levine. No. Do we need a score, absolutely. But not the expense of giving up a wing defender because I'm not giving up Vanderbilt. That's defense. That's three and d right there, right. Cam Reddish is damn near the same, although his offense is better than what he's doing. You know what I'm saying? He can go get a bucket if he needs to. And then we have like is, which is also a solid defender, but he could score, you know what I'm saying? And I know he's not a consistent scorer because the offense is not revolved around him. When they asked for him and Reeves to step up, it was because of injuries and so on, you know what I mean? And they stepped up and we need those players. So that's why I think Reeves is on the trading block, sadly. I'd rather give up Dlo. I'd rather give up D low. I want Caruso back. I want Damar over there, Levine. [00:04:24] Speaker B: I'm like 50 50 on, you know what I'm saying? [00:04:28] Speaker A: It's really 50 50 at this point. But I think him going to a new organization, a meaningful one, no shots at Chicago, he probably play a little bit better. I'm just saying. But I would rather have DeMar Rosen over there out of anybody second will. [00:04:44] Speaker B: Probably be Caruso, you know what I mean? [00:04:47] Speaker A: Because at this point, I need more offense than defense. And I know he's going to provide great leadership with that defense that he applies. But I need more not, we know Alex Caruso can hoop. We know he got some offense on him, but they need a score. They need someone to go in there and go get a bucket, you know what I'm saying? Let alone we need to stop some buckets. We need to go get some more buckets. But we did exactly everything that I just said in that end season tournament. You know what? So we, we. I was kind of surprised. They held Halliburton to like, what, like seven, eight points at the half, and then he kind of caught up. He took off after that. I'm glad we won that. I'm happy that we won that. I'm happy that we won that. I thought the Pelicans would have put up a much better fight the round before, but we ended up smacking them niggas out the gate, you know what I'm saying? I thought it would have been more of a challenge, but they rolled over at a certain point. That was pretty surprising, I must say, because I look at the Pelicans as one of those younger teams. They could cause some issues with the Pacers. They brought them niggas back down to. [00:06:00] Speaker B: Earth, you know what I'm saying? [00:06:02] Speaker A: And Halliburton, I think that was first or second national televised game. He's it. I mean as of right point, he's a clear cut mvp right now. But I got to see this type of performance. King German, I got to see this type of performance afterwards. And what I mean by afterwards, I mean I got to see more of this after not the halftime break but the fucking all star break when everybody come back, you know what I'm saying? I need this shit done after February, really? In January, really next month going into that and then out of that. Come on. Because we were already seen this done before. We've already seen this. The only reason why this is looking phenomenal is because we wasn't looking for him at all. We wasn't looking for him to be that at all. So that's why it's looking like the new kid on the block. But you got to keep it consistent because I'm not about to be a prisoner of the know because he's putting up some great numbers and shit like that. That's cool. But we've seen James Harden and I know he's getting shitted on lately. Deservingly, we're not about to act like this nigga wasn't between January to going into the playoff. This nigga was putting up crazy ass numbers. Crazy ass numbers in the second half of the season. Definitely his MVP season. So it's like we've seen this shit. I think sometimes we forget and it's not that long ago that he did know Houston Rockets James Harden. We'll never get that again. Just like we'll never get another Braun in Miami. You will never get that type of shit. Get. We'll never get a number eight Kobe again. No, that nigga was different. That was a mercenary at his finest right there. You know what I'm saying? So it's a lot of players that has done this shit before in different parts of their career. You can go back and pick that Kobe eight nine Kobe, you know what I'm saying? But that's different from the 2000, 2001, you know what I'm saying? Kobe, it's totally different because even in the late 90s, Kobe niggas are going to go after that one. So it's different versions. So I've seen on Twitter earlier, right? Check this out, Big Mike. These niggas is talking about cats is taking Luca overall over Larry Bird now. And I'm a Luca fan, but this shit is getting outrageous, bro. Luca has not done anything yet. When it comes to the top ten, top 15, man, it might be top 25 players of all time. Luca don't really hold a candle to some of these niggas, accomplishment wise. Not at all. See, and I think that's where the misconception is. We never break shit down the criteria, and the criteria will never lead up to one person. Or at least it's not going to lead up to Jeffrey, or it's not going to just lead up to Kobe, or it's just not going to lead up to Braun, Wolf Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Kareema Dojabar. It's not going to lead up to these cats. You want to know why? Because they all did certain things that the other person didn't do during certain different eras of the game and so on, and they different playing styles. The competition they played against, the injury games, the key games, and shit like that. No, it's too many. You'll never get it done. That's why it'd never be one goat to me. It'll never be one goat. Y'all can keep y'all one. But I got multiple goats. I do. Because for that very reason, Luca doesn't come close to those goats yet. Not yet. Hell, no. And his nemesis, which is Trey Young, he has fallen to me. You remember he came in, they were nemesis. And that has. It's kind of like the Ron Williams versus CP three argument. [00:10:03] Speaker B: I was de will for, like, half. [00:10:06] Speaker A: Of it, and then CP three kind. [00:10:08] Speaker B: Of, like, zoomed past that nigga, you. [00:10:12] Speaker A: Know what I mean? And speaking of CP three, speaking of CP three, in that goddamn golden State, it's looking nasty, Jess. I know you're listening. It's looking nasty over there. Overall, I'm not going to say it's not a perfect fit for CP three, but the shit not really fitting like that. And you know what? In all honesty, I think it's just all age. I think if you take ten years off of all of them cats. No, if you take seven years off. [00:10:39] Speaker B: Of all of them cats, that'd be. [00:10:41] Speaker A: A massive ass Golden State run once again. But it's not. These niggas is old, bro. Clay not looking the same. He's scratching to get like a dub. You know what? It's just. It's not. He had too many key injuries. Steph is getting older. My nigga Draymond Green is just nigga out there. Just a bodyguard now. You know what I mean? But, yeah, man, I want to know what y'all think about the nseason tournament because we won. Now that she don't mean anything, if we would have lost, then it would have been the total opposite. Y'all would have been praising this shit. So since we won, how do y'all feel about have? It's the first of its kind, so I don't really have much to say about it. You know what I'm saying? I'm not going to toot my horn and add that shit because in all honesty, as a Laker fan, we don't really care about that championship. Y'all know what? I think it matters more. That championship will matter more if it was added on to the NBA championship. Hell yeah. And it's going to matter a lot for LeBron. And then not even then. I'll even say this, just if you listening, you know what I'm saying? [00:11:46] Speaker B: Jarv, Manny, if you all listening, the. [00:11:51] Speaker A: In season tournament will only matter. [00:11:56] Speaker B: It will start to matter more with. [00:11:59] Speaker A: Consistency and they have to up the stakes a little bit. I'm pretty sure them niggas is cool with 500k, but think more because you see the level, the intensity of the game inside that tournament alone. Tone down the colors on those floors. Just tone them down. I like the design and I like the concept, but tone it down a little bit. You about to blind the shit out of us, but we got to do more. I even like the whole baseball thing. Like, whoever wins the all star game, that's who get home field. I think that should be adopted as well because niggas really going to be playing. I'm talking about really going to be playing hard. But y'all let me know what I think. Y'all watering that one down, too. Like y'all tried to water down the bubble one fuck out of here. We still got a championship, and we just got an end season tournament championship. So how y'all feel about that? Don't tell the truth. I'm telling you as a Laker fan, I ain't really feeling it that much yet because it's still new. I want championships. I don't want the smaller championship before the larger championship. But that's just how it goes. You know what I mean? The level intensity is a one. I don't think it's not going to catch fire like college basketball. That's what I keep saying. It's not going to be like NCAA. It's not going to be that. It's just not. It will never be looked at that because it's too different. College programs versus pro programs is totally different. That feeling Cinderella's is not really going to be heard of in an NBA like that. Not really. Not really. It's too much parity in the league, you know what I'm saying? So y'all let me know what I think. Does that add to. Does that help LeBron James? You know what I'm saying? When it comes to the Jordan argument, y'all let me know if that's going to matter. And look, stop being biased towards it, because I didn't even mention Kobe never played in one. MJ will never play in one. Brian has played in one. He's probably playing like, two or three more of them, right? But you all let me know if this is going to matter or not. How you all really feel about it? Don't lie. I just told you all my truth. I don't really care about it that much right now, but I can see if it grows it. I mean, pause, 10, 15, 30 years from now. Yeah, my nigga. In my sixty s and seventy s. Yeah, nigga, we got the first one, bro. And we got the first bubble chip, too. You know what I mean? I did watch the fight. Haney and old boy who was talking a lot in the pre fight and weigh in, he got his ass whooped to being so goddamn humble. I mean, the way he was talking to the crowd and the fans and shit like that was wild. But then once he got his ass, he got his ass whooped. I'm talking about he got his ass. I watched that whole fight, big Mike. I watched that whole fight. He was just getting his ass tagged. I'm talking about. That nose got to be broke, you know what I'm saying? He came out that motherfucking like Freddy Krueger in a was a good. That was a good little. But now, look, let's get to my fucking. First of all, my fucking raiders get on my fucking nerves, okay? You lose the fucking vikings. Zero to three, my nigga. What the. I didn't even watch that game. J Odin, J-O-I didn't even watch that fucking game. That's how bad it was. I was watching other games. And plus, my subscription was up, and I didn't feel like paying for another two months, so I just fucking went with the games that was on regular. Yo, that Denver. Denver is looking better. Denver is looking real good. I made a trade with my boy Calvin and my boy Keon. Fantasy league. Now, they cousins, right? And Justin Jefferson just came back and he got injured last game. He exited early, but I made a trade with Calvin. He traded me Mitchell the K. Mitchell the running back, one of the running backs from Baltimore. Right. And Devontae Adams. And I gave him Justin Jefferson. [00:16:03] Speaker B: And what you call it, is it. [00:16:07] Speaker A: Jamal Williams, that play for the Saints? I shipped him over there. Right. So half of the league was kind of upset because I'm not in playoff contention. I'm not in playoff contention when it comes to this league. My other, I'm still. I'm like in the top three, top three, top four. But this one, no, I think I'm three wins. Three wins this season. The Jefferson injury hurt. I didn't have a solid running back core and I also drafted Kamara, which I could have waited on, but I drafted him as an RB. Two. And I had a bad draft. I had a bad draft. Now I have my solid quarterbacks because I got the same quarterbacks in all my leagues. Jared Goff and Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson went off for me yesterday. Jared Goff, not so much, but I got to keep him in a tuck, right. Playoffs is coming up is this week and I'm playoff ready for one of my leagues. The other two leagues, I'm out, right? I'm out. So I'm done with those two. But they're mad because I made that trade. He made a trade with a non playoff team. So you all let me know who play in fantasy leagues or who run a fantasy leagues. Do you all have any type of restrictions with trading now? He doesn't have trade restrictions on. He doesn't have not trade restrictions, trade deadlines. And they could have vetoed the trade. And I feel like they didn't do it because they kind of felt, see, the reason why I traded Jefferson and I couldn't trade him any other league. I got him in two other leagues, but I couldn't trade him in the other two because in the other two, they have the deadline. Now I'm stuck with him. So they're mad that he got Jefferson and he got solid. He got a solid receiving core over there. You know what I'm saying? He traded Devontae away, but we don't have a quarterback with the Raiders right now, so his numbers is going down. So they feel like he pulled one over or like I'm trying to help him. [00:18:05] Speaker B: Lo and behold, Jefferson didn't even play the full game right now. [00:18:11] Speaker A: Luckily, it wasn't a playoff matchup because I think if it was a playoff matchup, he probably would have lost. But the playoffs start now, you know what I mean? So we're going to see if Jefferson does good that means he does good on my playoff team. If he does bad, that means he not only does bad for him, but he does bad for me in my playoff league. I mean, in my playoff matchup. So I don't know what to do because I literally tried to trade. I tried to trade Justin Jefferson in multiple Leagues, in all three leagues. Nobody wanted to take him, you know what I'm saying? Cal was the only one that hit. [00:18:51] Speaker B: Me up and say, hey, I got. [00:18:53] Speaker A: This trade for you. And the only reason why I made that trade personally is because I needed some running back. I needed a running back, you know what I'm saying? Now, I could have got greedy. I definitely could have got greedy. That's the only thing I regret. But I knew he wasn't going to give up Debo. You know what I'm saying? I knew he wasn't going to get up, probably. And I don't think he had any other running backs or something like. I mean, I got to go look at his roster again. But it's all, all. It's all done anyway. The rosters are set for the playoffs, and that's it. But we're going to see, you know what I'm saying? Because if Justin Jefferson does great, that means he's going to be doing great for both of us. Even though I traded him to him in a league that I'm not in the playoffs. So we'll see. That's my. Understand, they should have vetoed the trade, but he wasn't even sure. He said if they would have vetoed it, he wouldn't have cared because he's unsure about Jefferson. Lo and behold, Jefferson had a chest injury after coming back, his first game back, and he had two catches for like 27 yards or some shit like that against a goddamn Raiders defense who only allowed three points, but our offense didn't score at all. This is fucking ridiculous, dog. Go get Fields. Go get Justin Fields right now. Go get him right now. I want Justin Fields on the Raiders. I want Justin Fields on the Raiders. Take that nigga from the Bears. Put him in. Come on, man. We have to make a move, man. Save Pierce job, dog. They talk about bringing Chucky back because we still owe that nigga money. He got like five, six more years on the book. Like, yo, man, bring that nigga back. Bring back Chucky if you got to, to save money. Okano, ain't it? I'm sorry, my boy. I tried to vouch for you weeks ago, months ago. Shit ain't working out, billy. You got a role, Garoppolo Bennett, but he should have started the second half of this game. But fuck both of them niggas. Go get fields and go draft the quarterback. Get a young quarterback stable over there. Go get you one veteran to third stream to coach them niggas up. But go get two young niggas out there and let them niggas duel it out. Please, man, because. Stop the bleeding. We got to learn how to fight back. Overrun with BTG, man, I see y'all goddamn next week. Oh, the week of my birthday it is.

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