Bye Pac12

Episode 318 December 06, 2023 00:20:05
Bye Pac12
Open Run With BTG
Bye Pac12

Dec 06 2023 | 00:20:05


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Open Run with BTG Episode #318

The PAC12 championship game between Oregon and Washington was the last Pac12 game as we know it to be. Next season the familiar programs will be moving on to different conferences. Also, there’s some Laker hate in the way courtesy of Shuan from ETMF podcast. Shoutout to Cadillac on mars as well.

Bye Pac12 #24 #Open318

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[00:00:47] Oh, I be better spinning around in the road till I can't let go it's a natural. You belong to me I beat on rest in I oh, man, I gotta start it off like this. [00:01:22] I got to. [00:01:24] It's sad times right now. Rest in peace to the Pac Twelve, man. [00:01:30] Rest in peace. To the pac twelve. It's been a ride, man. [00:01:35] I never thought I'd see the day where there is no longer, I mean well, still, it's not the Pac Twelve that we moving on. UCLA, USC, going over to the Wack Ten, you know what I'm saying? Like teams are just leaving. [00:01:53] Shout out to the Oregons and Arizona. Arizona states. The Oregons the Oregon States? I mean, Troopy told, give it up for the Pac Ten, okay? Because Colorado and Utah, don't get me wrong, you all been there long enough to have the identity, but the original cast, man, from day one, like I said, man, of course the crosstown rivals the USC, UCLA, though I'm gonna say this, as much beef that there is between the two programs, we know what it is. It's the rivals, you feel me? [00:02:35] I'm glad they didn't separate. [00:02:38] It's like they almost like they're going to be rivals that look out for each other. That's how I look at it, you know what I mean? I look at them going over and of course we got other teams coming over with us and things like that. But as the conference finally divided, it's a rivalry within is it going to be a rivalry? It's going to continue to be a rivalry. But I think at the end of the day, they got to look out for each other, you know what I'm saying? It's basically us against them in the same conference while we're rivals, you know what I mean? [00:03:20] Shadow, man, so many memories, so many memories. We'll have to go like, yo, that's vintage work now, you know what I'm saying? That's throwback. Now the Pac Twelve is going to be considered a throwback conference, you know what I'm saying, too, technically, if you really want to be honest. Like the Pac Ten versus the Pac Twelve. [00:03:42] You know what I mean? [00:03:44] Shout out. I want to say this real quick. I don't know how the hell Alabama jumped from eight to number four. I mean, I understand they beat the number one team in the conference, but they only beat them by know the Oregon game was decided by three, you know what I'm saying? The other important game in that matchup was decided by three, you know what I'm saying? [00:04:04] Georgia, to drop that far if I was an FSU fan right now, twelve Kizzle. I know twelve Kizzle. [00:04:18] You want to talk about being done wrong? [00:04:22] That was just disappointing, dog. [00:04:25] That's disappointing. I don't know how they keep getting bam. If I'm not mistaken, the top four conferences are being represented, right? You got Michigan, right? Big Ten. [00:04:39] You got Washington Pac. Twelve. [00:04:43] You got Bama, SEC, and then who's the other one? I forgot the other bama. Washington, Michigan. [00:05:01] Damn. Who was that? Forbes School. I got to see that. Forbes School. Now that's going to bother me. That is going to bother me. I remember me and my homeboy was talking about it. [00:05:15] Let me see. We was talking about it and I was like, I don't see how Bama can jump up that high. You know what I'm saying? This was prior to the game. [00:05:25] Okay, so you got Texas at number three, big Twelve, right? So that's all. Yeah, that's four different. Yeah. And then Georgia drops down to six. Florida State drops down to five. [00:05:39] Oh, my God. That's Nashville. So Michigan plays Alabama. That's going to be a good game. I'm watching that. I'm obviously watching Washington versus Texas. That's going to be dope. [00:05:51] But that's definitely backseat to Michigan versus Bama. That is going to be a wild game right there. [00:05:59] Yeah, that's going to be a wild game. So I'm tapping into both of them because I hate Bama overall, have no choice but to go for Michigan. But I don't really care for Michigan either. So it's like the lesser of two evil. [00:06:16] And then when you talk about Washington, I'm actually rooting for Washington. Rooting for Washington. I mean Pac twelve. Bias. You can say it. You can say it, you know what I'm saying? Texas is just whatever. [00:06:26] But it'd be good to see Washington and for a Pac Twelve team to win it while this is going out, that'd be crazy. I thought it would have been better if USC did. It be a non Bias, but bias. UCLA one of those teams. But it's whatever, man. Shout out to the pac twelve man. May you rest in peace, baby. But I'm going to keep you alive because I'm going to do some throwback stuff. Bring up some old vintage classic throwback, Pac Twelve players and shit like that. We got to do that. We got to do that. [00:06:57] But I do got some this is Sean. [00:07:03] Hello. Yeah, so I do got a listener's question. It's Sean. All right. Sean from eTMF podcast. Chicago native, you know what I'm saying? Bulls fan. I want to say. Is it Cubs or White Sox? I don't know. I bet you was one of them, though. As far as college, I don't know his favorite college team, but I do know he's a Chicago Bulls fan, faithful, michael Jordan, Jeffrey Jordan fan. So that's cool. But let's see what my guy is talking about. Why can't Lakers fans admit that the Lakers are whacking? They're not going to go anywhere this season. See, and then it's stuff like that, you know what I'm saying? Sean is a great supporter of the Merch that I put out. Great person, man, luck, family man, you know what saying? Like he does that, you know what I'm saying? But then he'll do some shit like this. All right? So, look, let me explain it to you. You know what, and I think some of that animosity is coming off because our Lakers been making phone calls over there to Chicago for two to three players. That very fond of over there. Hey, look, man, business is business, brother, okay? [00:08:20] You let the big boys discuss business, okay? So you all can get your roster finally in order. Because you all been a disappointment for a very long time, okay? [00:08:30] Ever since your coach, y'all best coach of all time, second best, I guess, you know, extended time on the court for Mr. Derrick Rose. Ever since then, y'all franchise has been downhill, and I'm talking about fast, okay? Windy City downhill, fast. [00:08:52] Right? It's time for y'all to get it back in order. [00:08:55] If y'all need to sacrifice some of y'all top tier franchise players to the Lakers, well, so be it, okay? This is what we have to do to get better, because we aren't playing up against I mean, we aren't playing aren't we're not playing the best? We're not playing the best like you not. Now, do I think we're going to go somewhere to the you know, it's more expectations than Chicago right now. It is, but I would love to see Chicago on it. But y'all deserve to be there. So does Detroit, but it's like, God, Lee, a change has to come. It's too much young talent over there for both of them franchise to be struggling like that. [00:09:43] Really. [00:09:45] Y'all are the anchor. And when I say I'm not saying that in a positive way. Y'all are the anchor that's holding down the Midwest right now. Y'all holding the Midwest down in a bad way, okay? But look, make some trades. Let us get what we need, you know what I'm saying? Because we need to build on our expectations. And that expectation is to get Bron another ring before we get up out of here. Because if Brian gets another ring in La. That means la. Gets another ring. You know what I mean? So it's as simple as that. We're not playing good. We're not we have the talent. [00:10:22] So I think you know what I mean? We got some shooters surrounding Bron, but Braun is just too old now, and Ad is not him. Ad is a representation of interviewing for him, but just never gets past the interview, you know what I mean? And it's about that time, but he still has his great games. But we need a dog right now. We need a score. That's what we need. [00:10:52] We need a person that can go get a bucket and be reliable. Impact points. We need that. We got to play better defense. [00:11:03] And Lord knows that Austin Reeves hasn't been he hasn't been him for a while. [00:11:11] Started off extremely bad. He's picked it up a little, but still behind expectations by a long shot. So it's not looking good. Right now, but still the beginning of the season, you know what I'm saying? Going through all this tournament stuff, speaking about the tournament stuff, choppy, who was damn near partners, you know what I'm saying? Cadillac on Mars, man, one of the dopest titles. Me and Choppy gonna have to talk some business, man, because I want to merch that, you know what I'm saying? Cadillac on Mars. I want to merch that. [00:11:45] I don't know how we're going to get around to doing it when it comes to using the word Cadillac, I don't know how that works, but we'll figure it out. [00:11:56] But he did have a question in the group chat. Even though I gave him instructions on sending a voice message, he chose to type it out because that's what Trophy will do. [00:12:09] Trophy says, can you explain the NBA in season tournament for someone who is lightly watches basketball? [00:12:17] What is its purpose? Does it have an outcome? [00:12:21] Does it have any effect on the postseason standings? So I could tell you right now, trophy, 98% of the world don't really understand the tournament. We're learning like level by level. I just know the final four is out there, lakers versus Phoenix. And I want to say, let me see, I don't even know the East Coast teams, right? [00:12:49] See, in game tournament, we're going to type in in game tournament. [00:12:55] But there is some type of I would say players get money. That's for one. Anything else, I couldn't really tell you. I really don't understand it. But they started off in groups and then they ended up playing this tournament, and the courts are dope to me. Some people have complained about the courts, but I'm cool with them. [00:13:25] I want to say the Knicks is in there. Is it the Knicks? [00:13:29] I want to say, no, I haven't found it yet. I have not found it. But I know they do get money. And I think that's it. I want to say it has some type of an effect over it has some type of effect over the regular seasons or whatever. So right now I'm not sure if this is accurate or not because I thought I know the Bucks played the Knicks. Is it the Celtics and the Pacers? Pelicans and the kings. Suns and the Lakers? Now, look, I don't know if I'm late because I haven't really been following it like that, but I think this is the updated yeah, the fourth Boston played. [00:14:21] Well, that's tomorrow. Okay? So I'm up on it. That was right. That was right. The Los Angeles Lakers plays Phoenix, knicks play the Bucks and Pelicans and the Kings, celtics and the Pacers. So that's basically the eight teams left. [00:14:40] Outside of that chafi, I can't really help you dog. You know what I'm saying? They saying some people are enjoying really like I said, I really don't understand it. I know it has some effect on the regular season standings. I don't know how I don't know what's different from it. But that in itself would tell you if it has some type of effect on the regular season standings, then that would ultimately alter the playoff situation as well. Because if there was no end game tournament, then how it ends up is how it ends up. But because nobody understands this, they're going to explain it to us once it happened, and then I guess we'll figure it out then. But for right now, I have no idea how the tournament affects the regular season, but I just know it does. [00:15:31] And I think that's it. Man not too much on the football. I don't really think I watched too much football today. I know. Kansas City lost to the packers. [00:15:41] Sunday night football. And that's about it, man. I didn't really watch too much football. I created a new guard, more defensive minded. Well, it's not that he's more defensive minded than the last guard that I had on two K. It's just that he's much taller. So I was trying to do a cute thing and create a 510 guard so he can be quicker than the other ones. [00:16:07] But the downfall was I was a liability on defense, especially if there was a guard who had all his badges. [00:16:16] Not to say that a 41 and up in a wreck is real good, it's just that they play a lot. [00:16:23] But when you got your badges activated, it could be very difficult for a 510 guard to guard that offensive player. And even in the regular games, in NBA games when I'm playing against a computer, the smaller guards, like Greg Anthony sons, I forgot his first name, but y'all know what I'm talking about, from Orlando. And then Dear and Fox, like guards, guards that's like six three and under, they giving me issues, you know what I'm saying? They taking me to the post and shit like that. And then on the switch, don't let me get caught with shooting a two guard or a wing. It's over in the post, you know what I'm saying? So I created a much taller guard. I think he likes 63. He might be there. I think he likes 63 and much better. His defense is crazy, picking up all 94ft pressure in the ball. [00:17:22] But that's my skill set. It's to play defense, drop dimes. So I got all my passing badges, hall of Fame, too. Now I just got to work on my three point shot and then he'll be rec ready. But he hasn't been to the rec yet. I got to hit up Murph. I got to hit up Pen Rose Goldie. But this point guard, six three point guard defense crazy. [00:17:43] I'm just starting knocking by on my shots. I got to alter my shot because I have a custom one. Once I alter that shot and I heard they fixed the jumper in two K, the bugs that was going on with it. I know what you call the creator has been getting called out by a lot of these influencers, these game influencers. [00:18:04] So since I want to say last Friday, I guess there was an update, so that's cool. [00:18:16] Outside of that, that's it, man. Oh, my daughter birthday, eigth birthday was last Saturday, and my homeboy son came out there to show some support, you know what I'm saying? His wife and his sister in law came out, brought the kids, and she brought her oldest, you know what I'm saying? Which is nephew Ty is like a solid. He looked like he like about 510. [00:18:46] About 510, 511. Sophomore. And my son teammates were over the house because they had a championship game at six and they was leaving at four. But they was chilling at my son house during the birthday party, and the guard was there, and one of the forest was there. The guard, point guard. He a sophomore starting for varsity. Killer. I'm talking about killer. If I had to describe he played like, nice, nice. [00:19:18] We made them play. We made my nephew Ty play. And they both sophomores in high school, but they play in two different counties, you know what I'm saying? [00:19:28] But you don't remember back in the day when older cats used to make the youngsters fight in the back slap box or some shit like that to entertain them? We kind of did that in a basketball way. We made them play one on one, hyping it up, doing a Don King thing. And it was during my daughter's birthday party, while the other youngsters all in that jumper, we walked to the park and made them play. I watched two games and recorded a couple of highlights, but this is what we do. OTR, Mike, you got to catch these fades, bro. You got to catch these fades. It's either dominoes where's basketball? [00:20:02] That's row.

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