Oh we hoopin' soon

Episode 310 October 11, 2023 00:31:40
Oh we hoopin' soon
Open Run With BTG
Oh we hoopin' soon

Oct 11 2023 | 00:31:40


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Open Run Episode #310

I received a few questions for this episode. A lot of basketball talk as we approach the new season. My Lakers, Raiders, and Dodgers were all in action on the same night around the same time. Dodgers dropped the ball again against AZ, my Raiders pulled off a W against Green Bay and the Lakers were in Vegas playing against Brooklyn. Shoutout to Penrose, OTR Mike, and 12 Kyle.

Oh we hoopin' soon #Open310

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Ram it's. [00:00:53] Speaker B: What up? What up, what up, what up? BTG open run. BTG amen. It's your boy, Twelve Kyle coming through from the Twelve Kyle podcast. Hey, man, I appreciate you giving me an opportunity to come on here and ask a question or two. Always like to contribute. Love the podcast, as always, and I appreciate you, my brother. So let's get right to it, man. A question have is I got a chance to see the epic beat down where the 49 Ers threw the Dallas Cowboys downstairs this past weekend. It was such a great sight to see as I am the resident Cowboy hater. But my question is, I got a chance to see online after the game, cowboy defensive star Micah Parsons do a jersey swap with the running back from the San Francisco 49 ers McCaffrey. Christian McCaffrey. Right. So my question to you is, Baylor, how do you feel about swapping jerseys after the game? Because let me just tell you about me, man. As you know, and many of your listeners know, maybe they don't know, I played college football at South Carolina State University back in the 90s. This is a small, historically black college and university. But being the competitor that I am and given the fact that I played in the 90s, we weren't really with all of the buddy buddy stuff and being friends, if we went at it for 60 minutes, that was it. I'm a shake your hand, but I'm not swapping jerseys with you. Now, granted, nobody was swapping jerseys in 1994, okay? So I get that part of it. But even if it were 2023 and I'm a college football player or a pro football player, I'm not swapping jerseys after I just spent 60 minutes trying to bust your ass. [00:02:46] Speaker A: Pause. Long pause. My bad. That's a pause. [00:02:52] Speaker B: But you get my point. So my question to you, Bayla, how do you feel about players swapping jerseys and being buddy buddies and photo ops after the game? I know the NBA is a little bit different. They do the same thing. But I can't picture me if I'm LeBron James doing a jersey swap with Kevin Durant after you just beat me in a just I'm too much of a competitor. Yeah, we can be cool off the court, but I'm not giving you my jersey. I'm not signing your do. I wouldn't want to do that kind of stuff. But you, your listeners don't tell me I'm wrong because it's my opinion, but I want to know what you feel. Holl at me. Peace. [00:03:33] Speaker A: Well, how I feel about jersey swap. Hey, man, I ain't going to even lie to you. I like it. I'm going to tell you why. Because some of this shit could be sentimental. If you plan, you just think about Kobe going up against the the last years of career. We got to see that pivotal matchup. You know what I mean? And if they was to swap jersey. I'm pretty sure that would mean and even then, if Jordan didn't really care for Kobe or anything like that, the fact that they jersey swapped and Kobe jersey might mean a little bit more now than it did back then. You got to look at it kind of like that, you know what I mean? And then it's the superstars, you know what I mean? And this is one of those things I can compare it to. Or I could say this is similar to when they go hunting for animals, you know what I mean, like in a while and they come back and stuff it and hang it on a wall and things like that as a trophy. You could look at it like that. They swap jerseys, they write their stats on there, you know what I'm saying? To me, that's dope. Because eventually, and I agree, back in the it wasn't none of that budy buddy pal bullshit that they got going on now, which we believe takes away from the game, right? I don't see a lot of that in football. I see more of that in basketball than anything, right? A lot more friendships and things like that. But seeing these cats tear each other apart, you know what I'm saying, for the whole football game and then say, hey, man, you had a phenomenal game. You all blew us out. Let's jersey swap, you know what I'm saying? Now, I think you only got to do that once. Now, when I say once, I mean once with the same player, no more, you know what mean? Like, I'm not sure who would be emotionally stable or okay to swap jerseys after the Super Bowl, but I think that might be a big thing if Bray swapped jerseys with, I don't know, whatever top defensive player was on that particular team, depending on which Super Bowl, you know, michael Strayan, you know what saying? So I think it's dope. I don't think I really have problem with it. I don't think I really have a problem with it. Like I said, you could look at it so many different ways. You can look at it as a sign of respect, you know what I'm saying? What if these are two quarterbacks that came out in the same draft class and we deem them to be rivals, you know what I'm saying? Hopefully they will be going back and forth for majority of their careers and they swap jerseys maybe their rookie year. That's going to be a wild story to tell. That's going to play into future commercials, promotions and things like that when these cats are retired, you know what I mean? So to see just for example, we was to see multiple commercials with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and, you know, let's just say they came in at the same year and they swapped jerseys at one point. Those jerseys are going to be worth so much money, a rookie, a swapped rookie Brady and a Payton jersey. Jesus Christ, that's a lot, bro. You know what, I don't think everybody should do it, you know what I mean? I think it was that year. What was that year? Was Kyrie. And was that Dylan Brooks? Was it Dylan Brooks? Dylan Brooks tried to swap jerseys with Kyrie and he was like, nah, nah, I don't really want yours, you know what I mean? So I get that, you know what I'm saying? I think you got to be good enough to do that. Just don't do that. And you're not one of the no, let's not do that. But overall, twelve Cow, like, I ain't going to lie to you. I'm with it. I like it. I like it. I really don't have a problem with the whole buddy system, just as long as them cats show up on the field and on the court. But it seemed like more on the court. It's a different type of relationship, you know what I'm saying? When you talk about these basketball players, it's a whole totally different type of what can I say? Like a whole totally different type of fraternity, you know what I'm saying? So that's different. But no, these football cats, they playing, man. They playing. And like I said, I know I would do it because I'm a collector, you know what I'm saying? Especially if I man, there's so many jerseys out there that I want all the way down to college and even high school, you know what I'm saying? Let me get some of those. I even have a couple of USC Trojan jerseys up in that. Give me that Marcus Allen. Give me that OJ. Simpson. Give me that Raisy bush. For real, you know what I'm saying? Give me that roddy lottie. Yeah, off top off. I'm not, I'm not totally against it or whatever. I just don't think it should be done that often, you know what I'm saying? I think let's put it like this, let's set some rules. Let's just say you get one of those. I don't know, man, because it's kind of hard to tell. Like everybody's going to want the up and coming jerseys, you know what I'm saying? Jalen hurts. I'm pretty sure they don't want his jersey, you know what I'm saying? A lot of these cats are still fans. They love the game. They're privileged to play the game, but they also privileged to watch the game still, you know what I'm saying? And to be a fan instead of being the player, you know what I mean? So amen I, ain't going to lie to you. I will swap jerseys with you. Twelve Cow in his podcast game. Let's swap podcast jerseys, you know what I'm saying? I'm definitely hanging my twelve Cow jersey on the wall. Immediately, immediately shout out to twelve cow. You already know who he is. That's one of the goats. When it comes to podcasting. So go tap in with my mentor over there at the Twelve Cow Podcast, man. He had a recent episode, very solid. You got to go check it out, man. Hey, twelve cow be finding awesome. And then he's seeing King Jerm, the crazy shit. Don't think I didn't catch on. I caught on. You know what I'm saying? He say some crazy stuff for his show, like the whole threesome talk. Yeah. You know what? I thought about doing a remix to that, too. Twelve Cal. I thought about doing a remix because I thought you went in a little too much on the main character, but I still might think about it, but appreciate the question, man. Appreciate the question. Let's see who we got up next. Let's see who we got up next. [00:10:51] Speaker C: What it do, bro? It's your boy OTR. Mike, man. Look, I got a question for you because I heard the gym was open. Now, look, NBA season is upon us, but I'm going to take it back for you. I'm going to go old school NBA. Well, to these young boys now it's old school NBA. Now, I personally grew up a Scottie Pippen fan. Scottie Pippen was my favorite player of all time. Right. I don't personally think Scotty gets his just due all the time. Carly for how know his wife, whatever was she doing out here? But let's go back to when he was on the floor in today's game. In your opinion, who is the closest to mimicking how Scottie Pittman played the. [00:11:42] Speaker A: Hmm, that's easy to me. I think it's two cats that I could point out who might be more no, no. I would say who are offensively more gifted than Scottie, but I put them in the same Scotty boat, and they even play on the same team. That's going to be Kawhi, Leonard and PG 13. Now, again, remember what I said. I said they might be and honestly, I think offensively, Scotty might be a little bit better than Kawhi moves and everything, right. Scotty got the post. Game over Kawhi. I think I believe so. Defense, who we? I might go, I might go, I might go. Scotty in a close one with Kawhi. Now, Kawhi has given Braun problems, but Scott, they put Scotty on Magic in the finals, you know what I'm saying? Defensively, a two way player, and he was a point forward, you know what I mean? He also led the team and damn near every stat when MJ left. So he ain't no chump. The only thing that he didn't do what one of the other ones did is actually lead the team to a championship and be the anchor of the other championship teams that he was on. He got a couple of final MVPs, anyone on both sides of the conference. Scotty had an opportunity. He came close when he played for Portland. I was actually rooting for him and against his I was rooting against the team, but I was going for him because I was like, if this nigga gets seven right? So interestingly. OTR Mike, you might be my spiritual doppelganger, because growing up, Scotty Pittman was one of my favorite players, too. It was Scotty, magic and Kobe, right? I mean, actually, if you want to go through my cold list that I got, magic is up. Know Penny hardaway. Who else? Penny Hardaway. Elijah Juan was one of my favorites back then as well. But no Scotty. I'm a huge Scotty fan. I still got my Chicago Bulls jersey up in the closet. I bought the Houston Rocket jersey when I was in where was that? That was high school. That was high school. When he went to go play for the Rockets. I had that jersey. I ordered it from East Bay. Yes, I did. I got some Nautica shirts when I came into. I had fits 11th and twelveTH grade. I was killing it. And I wore his shoes. My first pair of Scotties OTR Mike. It was the Pippin twos. It was the white and red ones. And I hooped in those for the season. Did all type of experiments with it afterwards, after the season was over, and it was all kind of beat up. I spray paint. I spray painted them. Did all kinds of custom shit to it. But I had some Scotties. Yeah, definitely one of my favorite players of all time. But if I had to compare some players to him, it would have to be Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Point forward. But like I said, offensively, I say PG 13 is probably the more offensively gifted one, the better defense, though I'm still giving it to Scotty. And with Kawhi, like, right there, though, PG 13 definitely could lock, especially the pacers. PG 13, especially. He was locking up crazy, you know what I mean? But outside of that, I can't really think of no younger players I could think of that could I can't really think of the younger, but I appreciate the yo. And OTR mike has hopped up in a ring and started playing some dominoes with me, and he hopped out the gate, too. I ain't even mad at him. I'm really not mad at him because he called me slipping, man. You know what I'm saying? So shout out. You all got to give a round of applause when you all see him in the street. Just know that man started his domino career, and that's what we are proud of. Twelve cow. We waiting on you, baby. Yeah. We waiting on you. We waiting on you. Who we got next? [00:16:18] Speaker D: If we grade goats by championships, is it arguable to say that as a role player, robert Ori is the best role playing goat? And do those seven rings matter also, if we grade goats by rings. [00:16:41] Speaker A: Why. [00:16:42] Speaker D: Do we never bring up people like Bob Goozey bill Russell or those type of guys in the goat conversation. Also, what line did Barry need to run behind to win a championship? If you could take Barry Sanders outside of that Dallas Cowboy line, you take Barry Sanders and put him on any other team back in those days. Who wins the Super Bowl with Barry Sanders as they running back, what line back in that early to mid 90s time, what offensive line would have won a Super Bowl with Barry Sanders as they running back? [00:17:22] Speaker A: Oh, nigga out the gate. I'm going to answer that one. I'm going to get to the basketball shit in a minute. But let me just tell you right now, any other team other than Detroit, any other and you said excluding the Dallas line, because that was the, quote, unquote, one of the best offensive lines known to mankind. But you know what? You know what? That nigga Thurman Thomas, that nigga was running right behind a phenomenal, phenomenal Buffalo Bills line. Yes. Okay? That nigga could have went to Pittsburgh because Jerome Betters was getting off. What? And if you really want you want to make me sick to my stomach? Yo, send that nigga buried to Denver, where the niggas been having a running game this year. And last year was the only year they didn't really have a good running game. They stayed with a pack of running backs. And it's like all three of them motherfuckers would run over 1000 yards. So you put Barry behind that Terrell Davis line with John Elway. My God, I would never hear the end of it from these goddamn Denver fans. Barry Sanders could have went to any other team than Detroit and would have put a record up in a hall of Fame that only an alien will be able to break. This nigga ran back five yards just to gain 813 yards. Yo, when I tell you, shout out to Emmett. It's like we penalize Emmett Smith for having both of his parents in the house, you know what I mean? For going to a private school. That's what we penalize him for. And I'm with it because I hate Dallas. I hate Dallas. But I respect those teams, though. Hell, yeah, I have to. They had killers on it. Dallas in the who the Lakers been Showtime. Yeah, that's exactly who they were. So it was like you knew everybody damn near in every position. There was a highlighted person for every position on that goddamn on that goddamn team. So, yeah, no, this nigga Barry could have went to any goddamn team other than the mean. He came close because I think he almost got to Miami. They gonna send him to Miami. I'm like, just send that nigga anywhere. You could have sent that nigga to the replaceables, okay? You could have sent that nigga to the bench warmers. I don't give what. Just get that nigga out of Detroit, man. Shit. That will never get back, bro. But speaking of getting back, let's get back to this basketball man, Robert Ori, and we talk about the goat. You know damn well why we're not mentioning Robert Ori with the goats, okay? Because attached to those rings come stats, rankings, records and shit like I mean, this goes back to that question that, know, found on saying, yo, would you rather be like the Robert Orys of the world, the super role players who have multiple rings? Or do you want to be a max player? Do you want to be a James Harden and cat that has over $300 million in his bank account off of one offseason and no rings, though, right? I say more than half the Homies picked James Harden career. I've been the only consistent one saying, let me get the rings. Because, see, to me, penrose, it depends on which era that you win those rings in. You see what I'm saying? Like Robert ori won. And it started in the 90s or whatever. So they not getting the paychecks that they get now. So I get it or whatever. Robert Ori seemed like he's doing pretty good. And niggas keep niggas still talking about, you know, what his name will always be attached to not being considered one of the goats. But why he isn't considered a goat because of his championships. That will always be attached to his legacy. That we know that he'll never be mentioned with the goats. But why isn't he mentioned with his goats? Because of his championships. When it comes to his championships, that will always be attached to him. So that's dope in itself. But when nigga nigga because you all act like we don't have these war stories. I'm 40 years old. Niggas still bring up what they did back in the early 2000s. They still talking about they war stories. So niggas what? Niggas going to try to collect up as much as they can, because when niggas turn 30, 35, 45, 50 I got your jersey on my wall. Remember, we swapped jerseys and I threw for 450 yards, three touchdowns. You do for 395. Two touchdowns. But I beat you. And the jersey is signed, too, with the stats on there. So that's why you're not going to be mentioned with the goats. But you got to ask Cats, would you rather have the seven anywhere between three to seven rings, or would you have no jury? But, shit, all the money in the know. You gotta ask yourself that. Now, the reason why we don't first of all, I'm a Laker fan, so I don't have to bring up them Boston Celtic niggas at all. Penrose, they're telling you out the gate. I don't care about mentioning them. I respect them Larry Bird. And sometimes that's just where it you know, I think, truth be told, the reason why they don't bring up Bill Russell is because they really don't respect his era of basketball. Like don't some of them don't say it, and then some people do say it, but it's the truth. They don't respect it. They figured that he dealt with a 60 40, dealt with more off the court than on the court, lack of talent when it came to him. But they felt some people also felt like he had to deal with more because he was carrying the weight of the black culture, playing against in racist arenas while bringing niggas that hated him. Eleven championships out of 13 seasons. That's a lot of rings. That's a lot of rings. Eleven out of 13, bro. You don't really know what sadness is. I bet you still remember those two, though, that you didn't get. But honestly, Penrose, I think niggas don't respect the black and white error. I don't think they respect they don't. I think they respect him as the player that he was, but I don't think they respect the error that he played in. I mean, we get it now when it comes to to Jordan fans is not budging. They not reconsidering. They may have gotten a little scared, they may have gotten a little nervous, but they're not moving their guy out of the number one spot. And one of the arguments that's used against Jordan is the level of competition. I know they talk about how physical it was in the 90s, but when you talk about the level of competition, especially at his position, it was kind of scarce after him. So niggas is going to use that against him just like niggas is just using it against Bill Russell because 98.9% of us didn't watch the Nigga in person. We got what we got because of what they scraped up and found on YouTube. I mean, put it on YouTube, but nobody is still alive to tell it, you know what I mean? And probably half or more than half of the niggas that watched them play didn't like them, and they probably didn't go. So, I mean, that's kind of like at some point, michael Jordan is going to be that myth as well. You see what I'm saying? Kobe right after that, and it didn't help him passing away, because right now it's the end, but it's the LeBron era. That's the older guy, that's the goat. You know what? You know, Kobe had his moments, jordan had his moment. Magic, Kareem, Bird, they had their moment, et cetera. So I think at a certain point, cass didn't really start taking know, they didn't really care for the NBA. At a certain point, when Magic and Bird saved it, that was everything. So you can damn near say that's when they started to really care and started the whole goat talk back up again. You ain't gonna never see Koozie name up there. You're gonna see him well respected next to the guards. Bill Russell is just one of those ghosts that's just right. Like, you cannot talk the whole entire NBA without mentioning him. But, hey, man, with the numbers that, you know, the impact of Kobe and what we've never seen before in a LeBron James, and the longevity that comes along with that, brother, you got three other fan bases that's not budging at all. And Magic fan base is not too far away from that. So that's why. But selfishly, as a Laker fan, I don't care that them niggas getting talked about. Respect. I mean, we wore number six on our jersey. That's a fact. And he wore Kobe's jersey right after he passed away. So the respect and the love is going to be there. But at the end of the day, the homies is up there. The homies is there, you know what I'm saying? So shout out to Penrose, man. Good question. Good question. Penrose Mike. Twelve cattles my guys, man. Shout out to the fellas, man. Shout out to the fellas. That's it, man. They did most of the work. I appreciate they content that they sent in to me. Did we have some sports that happened? Absolutely. You heard? Twelve cow mentioned the cowboys and the niners. Epic. I think they broke a record for week five, you know what I'm saying? Everybody viewed in over 24 million viewers or something like that. Crazy. Dallas got the ass smacked. Humble settings. Humbled. I guess y'all can hear me talking with a little spunk. Sound like the Raiders may have won a game and they beat they beat Green Bay. That's not saying much. They got a quarterback. That is not proven yet over there. They had a lot of pieces banged up, so they didn't really have a full lineup, and we really went down to the wire. They ended up throwing an interception. Yo, the Raiders playing defense this week. Who would have thought about streaming that defense, you know what I'm saying? We're talking about a couple interceptions, you know what saying? Like, it was wild. It was wild. I like it, though. I like it. Know we picked up a nice W on Monday, man. We showed out. Lakers is back. I caught a little bit of that Lakers and warriors game. Nothing much to talk about. And we just had another game in, you know, it's back, man. I see Merce peeking around, you know what I'm saying? Just we see you back on Twitter. My guy sent you back today, you know what I'm saying? Second or third preseason game, you stuck your head back in on Twitter. We see you. So there we go. Basketball season almost on the way back, man. I like it. I like what you know, the next question is, do I like the Laker roster? Obviously I do. We've been talking about it since the offseason, since the completion of the offseason. But I guess we get more into debt once the season gets closer, and we could break that down. Outside of that, man, like I said, I'm proud of my Raiders. Oh, I've been been all on that two K. Hey, here's the thing about two K, bro. You literally got to create every position and just be ready. You know what I mean? I started out this year with a center, and then my backup is going to be the point guard. So I flopped it because everybody named mama want to be a point guard, but I put more stock into the center. I haven't really touched the point guard like that because it's like, takes a long time to build these cats up. But, yeah, I'm on the two K. I'm on that Madden, too, and I like playing that little three on three joint, you know what I'm saying? So if you all on that Madden or that two K, man, hit me up. PS five. But I know they got the next gen joint going on, so we do the cross platform. Hit me up, man. PSN is Baylorism. I know the old one is Baylor the great one, but I don't even know that password, so that's like dead to me. So if you all thought you all was following me on a if we was friends on PSC on PlayStation Network, it's not Bailey the great One. That's the old one. The new one is at Baylorism. Yeah, man. Overrun with BTG, man. I'm out. I appreciate you all.

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