Dame Bu$ks

Episode 309 October 04, 2023 00:41:32
Dame Bu$ks
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Dame Bu$ks

Oct 04 2023 | 00:41:32


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Open Run Episode #309

Dame was finally traded to the Bucks but for a core piece that helped with the championship run. 12 Kyle sends in his questions for this week, as well. Are you a fanatic?

Dame Bu$ks #Open309

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[00:00:40] Speaker A: Dame got traded. Dame got traded and we here for it. Here's the thing, though. They gave up Drew holiday. I don't necessarily care about the picks. You hear me, Murph? I don't necessarily care about the picks matter, don't get me wrong. But the Bucks is just they still fresh off of a championship. I know Denver snatched it last year, but Yanis has a ring and please and believe he closed out with a 50 piece, but he had the help, the second best player in the finals. I'm talking about overall between them and the Suns, the second best player in the finals behind Yanis was Drew Holiday. And again, I know people out there is going to say, hey, Baylor, you're sounding a little UCLA biased. That's perfectly fine because I want to bring up the fact that yo shout out to twelve cow. I'm going to get to his question in a second. And also a portion of this episode is going to talk about the episode he did. Okay. Because he recently, if you all want to check it out from last week, he said, well, basically a couple of days ago, it was not too long ago that he dropped this episode, but he dropped an episode called Don't Be a Fanatical. Right. But we'll get to that in a minute. I am a UCLA fan and I praise the point guards that has come into the league from UCLA because they do well overall. They do well. Right. I track the journeys of former UCLA players, whether it's basketball or football, and we've had success in both, in both sports, but we had more success in basketball, especially when it comes to the point guard position. Right. And it's not about being biased and it's cool with being biased. Right. But the thing I have a problem with is people not understanding the difference between chemistry and a fit for the team. I'm not saying at all that Dame is not a great fit for the Bucks. That's probably one of the most perfect fits. It's like when we say Free Dame, they say, we listening. Because at first we started to hear about Toronto and in the very beginning it was a lot of, you know, a lot of people feel like he really wanted to go there. I think he really wanted to get traded. I don't think he's upset that he didn't get to Miami, I should say that. And I think we're all okay with that move. As fans, we like that. I think overall, we're just happy that he's free. I thought they were able to keep Drew Holiday to have a backcourt with Drew Holiday and Dame, that takes a lot of weight off of both players, meaning Drew won't have to pick up on the offensive side to help Giannis, which Middleton is still there. And then he's that's a top five point guard in the league and he's been a top five point guard in the league since he became him, you know what saying? And but we've never rant and raved about Dame's defense at all. And it's not a knock. It's just that we know that there's other guards that play much who are less skillful or less talented than Dame but plays phenomenal defense. Drew Holiday is a balance, if you want to call it 60 40, maybe more defense than offense, but he could shoot the three ball. He could penetrate and get to the basket. He could score, you know what I mean? But that was never his main goal, main objective on any team, maybe outside of maybe outside of UCLA. But I feel like the Bugs took a hit championship wise. But I would love to see the Bucks in the championship. I would love to. Now, obviously, I would love to see them against my Lakers, but I love that fit overall, man. So shout out. Dame is now a Milwaukee Bucks. He's gone through since he's been traded. He's done the press, you know what I'm saying? He's done the team uniform and the whole nine. He seems like he's happy. He seems like he's cool, you know what I mean? So we'll see. Does it shake up the east? Does it shake up the west? It does, because that's another good player that's out of the west, you know what I mean? That's headed to the east and you got the Boston's, you got the Milwaukee's, you got the Phillies, and Phillies might be shaky, you know what I mean, because Embit is just over there by himself, you know what I mean? So we'll see. I like the trade overall. It's just the only thing that if I have to complain about something is that but they had to, though, if you want to talk about how valuable a player is, even though he got traded, to get traded for a player like that, you had to have some type of up. You're not going to give up scraps for a player like Dame who could potentially be going to the hall of Fame right after he retires, you know what I mean? It's a possibility, but let's get to it, man. We had a lot of football as usual during this time and like Twelve Cow mentioned that we got basketball coming up in a couple of weeks. So as we get closer to that, I know you all seen Jimmy Butler and his Emo hairstyle and stuff like that. All that is going to be brought back up. All of is going to be brought back up. Kawhi Leonard talking about he wants to go to play for Team USA. And Stephen A is highly upset about that because he ain't played in a regular season game and God knows when, but he wants to go play overseas. But we get it. We definitely get it. But we had football and I'm upset twelve cow. I'm upset Big Mike. Why? Because you know what, I want to tie this into twelve cow's question for the episode. It has something to do with Brady, but I could mix and mingle it with what I want to bring up about my Raiders in general. But let's get to twelve cow's episode question for the episode. [00:06:55] Speaker B: BTG, what up? What up, what up? It's your boy, Twelve Kyle back in the building. Thank you for having me in the gym. I got my sneakers on, so I'm not going to scuff up your floors. I'm going to get in and get out real quick, man. Got two questions for you. The first question, with the Patriots being one in three right now, and we've seen Bill Belichick struggle without number twelve in a Patriots uniform. Now we did see number twelve go to Tampa and win a title. So my question to you is, when you think about the 20 year run that they had of success in New England, who do you give the most credit to? Was it Brady or was it Belichick or was it both? All right, second question. The NBA season is upon us. The season will happen in a couple of weeks. And I know that you're a huge La. Lakers fan. I know that you're a huge fan of La. Sports, born and raised on that east side. So I have a question for you. It's a question that I've asked my listeners because I did an episode on it. But if you are naming a Mount Rushmore for the city of Los Angeles, the City of Angels, and here is the caveat. They have to have played in the city or represented the city, not necessarily being born, but played for one of the La. Sports teams. So that includes the Lakers, that includes the Dodgers. That includes the rams. That includes individual sports like tennis. Or you got the Williams sisters. Who are you putting on your Mount Rushmore? That is crazy for, you know, Rushmore, you only got four slots. So Baylor, I know there's a lot of statues out in front of the Staples Center, so there's a lot of people that you could choose, but you got to choose four. Who is going on your La. Mount Rushmore? Again, I'm your boy, Twelve Kyle. Thanks again for letting me. Come on, man, I'll holler at you. [00:09:07] Speaker A: Hey, now that is a question. I feel like we've talked about this before, right? So here's the thing. Obviously, there's going to be two sides to this Mount Rushmore that he's talking about. There's going to be a bias and a non bias. A bias one, I could pretty much throw every goddamn laker known to mankind in that top four. That's the bias one. I'm not going to do that and I wouldn't do that. But I'm just saying before the bias one, I would be able to do that. It would be extremely difficult to break down the criteria, the stats, the impact a lot of people don't talk about impact, which is not a stat, but it's something that you had to be a part of it. You had to be around in that time, right? Or else you're just going to hear people that was around that time much older than you or who paid attention more than you, try to explain why the relevance of that type of player or team movement, whatever the case may be. Four slots, I'm going to tell you right now, you have to understand this, twelve Cal, when I tell you that Kobe was the son, cousin, grandkid, it's your last child that you have. That's who Kobe was to La. Or is to know he still lives within us. And this also ties into your episode, you know what I'm saying, about the fanatics and stuff like that, about player. Because now in this, you know what, I want to play a little bit of that because all of this is just seeming to tie into each other. [00:10:55] Speaker B: But yeah, I mean, you can be a fan. [00:11:01] Speaker A: And this is a clip from Twelve Cow's latest show about fans and fanatics and being a part of certain franchises that some of you cats be doing. A lot of you cats be doing a little too much. [00:11:14] Speaker B: Don't be a fanatic, don't be overzealous. Don't be single minded in your zeal for a particular artist or a particular team and don't do nothing stupid. Like there are some fans who are known for doing stupid shit. What do I mean by doing stupid shit? I mean like getting into fights, stuff like that. Like the la. Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, baseball fans notorious for getting into fights, and usually their fights are with each other. But yeah, if you're a Dodgers fan, I wouldn't dare go to a, you know, with with the Dodgers jersey on or something like that. I mean, fights always break out. Who's got fans? There's some teams that are notorious for having rowdy fans. [00:12:18] Speaker A: The Raiders, that's where we got to three, technically the Raiders are in Vegas right now, but that's three cali teams back to back. I think you and King Jaron was talking with each other when you all made this list. Now, here's the thing. Going back to talking about this clip and then also bringing up the Mount Rushmore, twelve Cow we cannot have this Mount Rushmore if we're not the fan base that we are. It's impossible. It's impossible. I will say this. Let me tell you my four that I think, and I think I've even said this for before the fourth slot was extremely difficult. And again, like I said, it's so many ways you can go with this because I don't want to be so biased that it's more of one sport than the other sports. You mentioned the know, have we forgot about Tiger Woods? You know what a lot wayne Gretzky, it's a lot of players that have come through when we started talking about all these sports. Hell, even if we talk about cast, that never really, you know, the announcer for the Dodgers, you know what saying, chick Hearn. So I know a lot of people will be like, well, they don't hold a candle to the athletes that actually played. That's true. But they were very pivotal to the history of that franchise, you know what I mean? Like chick. Hearn has a statue. Vince Gulley has a statue. These are hall of Fame voices of know. So I want to pay my respect to them. But Kobe will be up there. Kobe has the number one spot. I'm gonna tell you like this. It's extremely hard to put Kobe up there and not have magic up there, you know what I mean? And that's why it's so difficult. But Kobe's death impacted him a lot as well. I mean, while he was alive, his impact was much greater, but his death impact is still we are still affected. And the reason why I brought up that clip is because twelve cow in this episode was trying to explain to you all is not that deep. You shouldn't have to get that close. And I agree, because he's dead on with the Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. They fight all the time in both parks. Some people have been in critical condition. It has been real bad. Real bad, you know what I mean? And that's how it is. Now, if you want to go deeper into what actually goes on, the details of the fight, a lot of it has to do with a certain demographic. A lot of it has to do with a lot of alcohol, maybe other drugs, you know what I mean? But it gets like that. I just finished seeing a scuffle between Pittsburgh you know what, the the Patriots fan just passed away. You know what played? Did they play the dolphins? I want to say they had a fight with the Dolphins. A Dolphins fan. Kansas City. They have scuffles. Everybody have scuffles, you know what I'm saying? We remember the malice in the palace, you know what I'm saying? Where the fans and the players were involved. And this is the thing. We forget that this is a workplace for these cats. This is entertainment for us. But it's also their workplace. He's right, though. He's right. He's right. When it comes to San Francisco and then when it comes to my Raiders, yes. But I can tell you, everybody has that we're highlighted because of the Raiders image that was created long time ago, way before I was born, probably way before everybody was born, that I'd be talking sports with, you know what I mean? It's an image that and I can honestly tell you that some of that we actually played on the NWA. Free branding and promo, you know what I'm saying? Like our owner. Just win, baby. You know what I'm saying, just win. And we had certain sports figures on our team that was just ruthless. You know what, you know the black hole, we created that. But I don't want to get too far off because I still want to break down that clip. But at the same time I do want to express that it's so many and the fans are fanatical when it comes to these players and these athletes and these franchises and stuff like that. To round off the go. I'm going to go Kobe. Serena Williams. Tiger woods. Tiger woods. And it might just have to be Be. So we got to go. Kobe magic. Serena. Serena williams and Tiger Woods. That has to be the Mount Rushmore for La. I believe so. I mean you could find another one. I don't think you're going to be able to beat that one. I'm not sure if you will be able to beat that one right there. Nah, that's a good one. Right know, if I had to be biased, I'm probably going to keep the same too with Magic Johnson and Kobe and then I'll probably add who could add? You know what, it was easier to make the non biased one versus the biased one. So I'll probably hold off on that one. I'll probably hold off on the bias one, but the non biased one, yeah, I'm going with Kobe, Magic, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods for the La. Mount Rushmore. Now let's get back to some football real quick. He brought up Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and I told him this. I had just talked about Brady and Bill Belichick last night with a coworker, and it's weird how our brains work, but he asked, he was like, yo, so is it more Brady than it was Belichick? I will say this, and twelve cow knows this because he's a former football player, you need both. And he won the one championship with the Bucks. But that's like, come on. It's very similar to what we're doing right now with the Lakers. We're sending all the pieces, that the possible pieces to win a championship around an older player. We're doing that now, got a little bit younger and it was weapons already there. So I don't think Brady winning the championship outside of a Patriot uniform make him that much greater than a coach. No, I don't, because we've never seen him play out of the system in his prime or before his prime, you know what I mean? So would he have been number twelve if he had played for the jets, if he had played for the Saints, you know what I mean? If he had went to another team in free agency, if they were so stubborn about the quarterbacks that they like, because usually that's how it rolls. Whatever that coaching staff brings in, that's who they going to roll with. Nine times out of ten. They don't even want the quarterback that got drafted or whatever, and that's not their guy, you know what I'm saying? If they didn't draft that guy, they don't really want him. That wasn't their guy. So what if they didn't move on from Drew Bledsoe and they waited for him to come back, you know what I mean? What if the Tug rule was the opposite and they didn't go on to win the championship, you know what I'm saying? And they built that machine, that machine in New England where you had to show up to work or else that was it. You was going home or going to another team, and they built that team around him. They put pieces around him that complemented his know. That offense that they ran was the two tight end system with the slot receiver. They was killing with a slot receiver and two tight ends. And they had manageable serviceable running backs. The one year that they had a number one receiver, which was Randy Moss, they didn't win it that year. He didn't really have a quote unquote, number one. I mean, Grog made himself one of the best tight ends. Welker made his name made it. Wells Welker and Julian Edelman, they made a name for themselves. They put up elite numbers, but they wouldn't consider elite receivers by name. Fantasy wise, we knew what it was, but he had the likings of Antonio Brown and Randy Moss as a true number one and Mike Evans as a true number one receiver out of his whole career. Those are the three he had. Randy Moss was only there for a year, too, right? So it's hard to say that it was more Brady than anything because Brady played within a system that catered around him. They took care of him, and that's the right thing to do. That coach is good. The thing is, we never talk about the importance of having a great quarterback and a great coach. You got to name me a quarterback that actually carried a coach outside of LeBron, you know what mean? Like, I'm talking about carry a coach and then let's go back to football. What football player was out there carrying a coach I can name? Mike Vick. Carried the falcons. Without Mike Vic, we wasn't really doing too much of nothing. Then they had Derrick Anderson as a backup or something like that, and he was solid for a minute, went to Carolina, stunk it up. But outside of that, there wasn't too many quarterbacks that actually carried a team rather than there's some coaches. There's not no plug in and plug out. You could plug in a quarterback and we'll still win a championship. You could plug in a not elite quarterback and still win a championship. Obviously, you probably would have to have an elite defense that's giving up stingy numbers, you know what I'm saying, and didn't have a serviceable offense that could put up at least 20 some points a game, and then you good. Because if your defense is only allowing anywhere between ten to 16 points a game, which is something crazy, then that means your offense has got to be in a position just to score two, three times a game and a couple of field goals, and then you good. But I hate to use 50 50. But, yeah, they needed each other. And then Garoppolo, who was over here with my Raiders, who was thinking it up, that was another quarterback that they wanted to grow, you know what I mean? And I think Jimmy Garoppolo, if he was able to stay with the Patriots, he might have been the next one. I ain't going to say the next one. Like, after Brady, a lot of people got mahomes up, don't I don't. But a lot of people know, they think what he has done in a short span of time, they think that he's going to eclipse Tom Brady, joe Montana of the world. And, nah, I say that's only it's got to be done for me. You have to do it. You know what? Because any given Sunday, bro, I'll just say that any given Sunday, shout out to Manny. But no, to answer your question, twelve cal. No, man, I wouldn't give it all to Bill Belichick, but I would definitely say he is the mastermind behind Brady's career. He is. Brady just happened to be a quarterback to say, hey, no, I could do how have you ever been in a situation? Do you know some athletes that all they needed was that one game or that one moment or that one speech? Some cats came in, mediocre at best, but they had one game where they caught fire and they just took off and they never looked back. I think that happened with Gino Smith. Gino Smith started off slow in his career, had a revamp, got to Seattle. Pete Carroll believed in him, created an offense that catered to him, and now look at him. He's not the elite quarterback that we all thought he was going to be when he was with the jets, but he is a starter in the league, you know what I mean? So sometimes you need that coach or sometimes you just need that moment created by the coach with the players that they went to go get. So I'm going to have to say 5149-5149. I'm going to go belichick Brady again. He will always have that one championship with the Bucks. He had toys there already. Now you have that aged quarterback go to a team that is rebuilding. I don't think we're going to get the same results. I don't think we're going to do that. I don't think he's good enough to carry a team like that. And it's football. Twelve cow. At the end of the day, you got to give a lot of praise to the coach a little bit more. Why? Because he's not only coaching a quarterback, he's not only coaching the offense. He got to coach that defense, too. He got to coach that defense with defensive. He got to pick his defensive coordinators. He got to pick his offensive coordinators, and he got to make sure everything is ran by him, or he's got to be trustful of the coordinators that he picked. And if the shit is mapping out, if the shit is adding up, then that's with the coach. That's on the coach. The coach handpicks his coaches, you know what I mean? And he handpicks his players, too. I don't outside of my Lakers, I mean, a couple other teams, but my Lakers is mainly known know, Dr. Bus had handpicked some players. I like this. No, no. I like this know? I like this player. You know, you do something good with this player, make it work. You know what I'm saying? So that's my answer. That's my answer, basically. Yeah, that's my answer on that one. I'm going to go 51 49. And as far, like, again, back to my Mount Rushmore, like I said. Kobe, Magic Johnson, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods. That's probably my Mount Rushmore. A lot of it has to do with impact accolades is crazy. The championships between if you add Magic's up with Kobe and Magic never won a championship together, you know what I mean? Just know that and then add up all their championships. That's a lot, bro. That's a lot. And then we know Tiger Woods. Here's the thing. A lot of this is overshadowed by off the court shit. Every player that I just said that made that Mount Rushmore has had some type of off the court issue, whether it was small but highlighted real big or whether it was big and then wasn't able to move on from it. You know what saying? So there's we don't have any, know, athletes up in this Mount Rushmore at all, but I respect all those athletes at what they do, because they did it at the highest point. They had a prime that a lot of people wasn't able to match. But I want to get back to the rest of his episode. He brought up the raiders. He brought up my Dodgers and stuff like that. Yes, we normally get into fights, but it's really with one squad. There's another squad that we don't like in baseball, and they down there in Texas. Yes, the Houston Astros. We don't like them either. There's not any documentation. I ain't gonna say there's not. They're not highlighting any of the fights that we had with them. I don't recall having any fights with them. And we hate them just as much as we hate the Giants. Why? They actually stole the World Series from us, buddy. You know what mean. And I think fights can happen all the time, but when Utah started talking about the Dodgers being in Scuffles, it's mainly with one team, you know what I mean? And outside of mean, like I've seen I've seen fans fight against their own fans. You see what I'm saying? So they going to fight. They going to fight. Now, is that being too much? I mean, that's the point of Twelve Cow's episode. You're doing too much. You're doing too much. But I do have a little pushback. He mentioned in the episode, somewhere in the episode, that they don't care as much as we think. Some of them don't care at all. This is all truth. What I'm saying is I'm not saying that Twelve Cal is wrong in what he's saying. What I'm saying is there is times, there is moments, there is reason for us to be fanatics. Why? Because without us, there is no game. There is no entertainment. We put money into that franchise. It's almost like putting stock into it. Yes, we fill up the seats, we pack up the arenas, we pack up the stadiums. We buy the merch. We represent the merch. It's not even free promo, tell you the truth. I mean, what it is free promo after we buy it because we're going to be rocking it. And you know us. If you vintage, you probably got whatever your favorite team is and half of the logo is missing. It got holes all in it. But it's precious to you because you have attached yourself to that franchise. Maybe because of a coach, maybe because of a player, or maybe because it was your dad, your uncle, your mom's, your grandpa's, or somebody like that. Say, I used to watch them watch the game on Saturdays and Sundays and things like that, and whatever they like, you started to like, you know what I'm saying? Traditions are involved. So I do think we have a say so when it comes to something. Because he also mentioned that when cats get paid, we pocket watching. Guilty. You want to know why? For the same reason why I don't want Anthony Davis to go play for the USA team in Paris. Because we invested a lot invested in light into a player that hasn't played 82 games since 1989. So, yes, we do have a right to say something. Because guess what? You all want us to come to the Staples Center. I don't really call it Crypto, but I do like the nickname Crypto. But you all do want us to come down there to the Staples Center, pack it out, cheer, yell, et cetera? Yes. Do some of them get out of control, throw shit, popcorns, soda, juice, yelling out shit, personal stuff about people's, families and kids and things like that? I see it all the time. Yes, it's stupid and they should get kicked out. You've seen LeBron James kick out a lot of players. Westbrook then got fans kicked out of the game, and rightfully so, because they saying some, I think one time, I don't know if it was a lady or a guy, but they said they hope Brownie. Dies in a car accident or something like that. You can't say shit like that. And that's what I think Twelve Cal is talking about, mostly. That's ugly, that's nasty. This was a couple of years ago. Then you fast forward. Bronnie has a heart condition, you know what I'm saying? And the world kind of stops a bit because it's like, damn. You know what I mean? And this is all around the signing of him going to USC and things like that. We're looking forward to seeing his college career, and he has this hiccup, and it's like, dog, you never want to wish that type of evil on the athlete, especially if that athlete hasn't done or said anything to you. But I will have some pushback about how some of these athletes don't care twelve cows, but they do. If they didn't care, they wouldn't make up burner accounts. They wouldn't try to create their brands outside of sports, which helps propel their brands. And they're looking for us to buy their shoes, to buy their jerseys, to buy their own personal clothing brands and stuff like that. TikTok Twitter has made it more intimate to where now you can directly say something to an athlete. Entertainer of sorts, they never really grasp control around it. But if you really think about it, yeah, are they being extra online? They are, because you're hiding behind online, but they still have the right to say what they want to say, but they also get the right to get blocked and banned and stuff like that. I think the consequences should be raised higher and you won't see a lot of this stupidity. That's the thing. If you allow cats, god gave us free will, so he allows us to do shit that at our own pace or whatever, you know what I mean? But the consequences are there, you know what I'm saying? If I decide that, hey, when we get up here and we get in this plane and I open up this emergency door, I made that decision, what's the consequences? My eyes go get sucked out and fall or might not even make it to the ground. I might go right in those blades, you know what I mean? So it's like that should be a know. I haven't seen or heard of any Raiders fans fighting in the stands like that in a minute. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but it hasn't been highlighted. But recently I've seen a lot of know. Like I said, the guy, the Patriots fan just passed away from being hit and he had a heart condition or something like what was that? Years ago we had the Meet Me in Temecula, you know what, two go, two cats arguing over Kobe Bryant. And that was 2 hours away from each other. And he wanted to drive and go meet him in Temecula and to fight him. Made a rap song and everything. And the song was kind of hard, though. I cannot find that song. It's probably on reddit somewhere. But yes to twelve cows point. It is a lot. It is a lot. But I think in certain areas jerry Jones when they first got that new stadium built, I think they gave fans an opportunity to come sign some of the bricks or something like that. Or if they donated a certain amount, they could put their name on the bricks that's part of the build the stadium or something like that. I think they need to have more fan involvement because we are the ones that actually bring attention to the sport in general. It works hand in hand. It's kind of like the whole Brady Belichick thing. We need each other in order for it to work. Y'all can go out there and play basketball if nobody is watching is pointless. Unless y'all just doing it for exercise. And then at the end of the what if we're not showing up to the games, how y'all gonna pay the rent? You know what I'm saying? We keeping the lights on. Showtime. Era was that was us. We paid for our entertainment, so we deserve entertainment. Hell, our owner, Mark Davis, just finished getting into it with our fan base. Why? Because we told him to fire the coach. Twelve Cow do you believe that? We need to fire our coach. Guess what? Our fan base believes we need to fire our coach. And we let them know, when you put out a product and you want us to represent and love your product and we believe in it and we fuck with you, we need that in return. We need progress in return. We need jewelry in return. We need that because you're asking us to invest into you all. Okay, so what am I invested in? A lot of losing seasons to the point where the average fan can say, man, I know that's wrong. Why don't they just correct that? Why would they draft this player when they could have drafted this player? No, we should have some say so because some of the fan base, some cats in the fan base just have pure common sense, more common sense than the goddamn professionals that coach these type of players. But obviously they haven't been doing a good job for a long time. So guess what we're going to do? We're going to let they ask know. We're going to let them know. So, yeah, I get it. In the episode, he was right. He said, Yo, we doing way too much. But it's just sports. If you bring up your favorite hip hop artist group, r B group or artists, we're going to defend them the best way we can. But guess what? It's fanatics everywhere. If you bring up Jordan, guess who the other two fan base is going to be. Yeah, you guessed it. You bring up the Lakers, guess what other fan base is going to pop up. Yeah, you guessed it. You already know who the other ones are already when you bring up certain names so everybody is guilty of it, I don't see a problem with it if you just don't go too far. I don't have a problem with you being a fan, just as long as you don't go too far, that's it. Twelve cal. Because at the end of the day, if you all sign a player and he's not producing, even if you knew before him, before he got that money, and they sign one of these players that they give him a max deal and you know, that's sucking up that's sucking up almost half of the goddamn cap, you're going to be upset. You're going to have something to say, especially if y'all haven't won in a while. Some fan bases are used to just, hey, we're getting better, we're getting better. No, being part of a Laker fan base is championship or bus. Now, with my Raiders, I could say that, you know what I'm saying? Because we haven't been to the Super Bowl in a long know, getting a taste of the playoffs is cool, but nah, we ain't won a chip in a long could say, I can have that we getting better type of talk. But when it comes to my Lakers, we have no time to be sitting up here talking about we need to get better. No, we need to put a team, a championship roster together. You can baby steps with the Raiders all you want to. Dodgers is almost in the same boat as the Lakers, though, because we've been hot, like, fifth grades for the past couple of seasons and we got the chip stolen from, so no, you got to say something because, hey, I don't know what they doing over there in New York, but the jets is nasty. The Knicks is nasty. The giants is nasty. I'm not sure what the hockey team is doing, don't really care about that. But as far as those teams, baseball, the Yankees ain't doing that good. Twelve cow. And I know you all upset about it. As a casual baseball fan, I know how important the Yankees are to baseball, especially the postseason. I know how rowdy and how rah rowdy can get. It hasn't been like that in a very long time, you know what I mean? So at the end of the day, y'all need to say something or something. It will never change. It will never change when they show that steel shot of Mark Davis yelling back at that fan, got my blood boiling in a good way because I'm like, we got to get as long as you hear us, you hear the booze, but hear us, you know what I mean? So I want you to go check out that episode. It just came out this past Sunday. I think it was a bonus content, if I'm not mistaken. But shout out to twelve cal for the question. Shout out for that episode in general. We might have to run that back because it's still some other things that I wanted to touch on during that episode. But I don't want to hold you all long. That's my take for the day. The gym is now closed.

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