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Episode 308 September 27, 2023 00:33:01
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Open Run Episode #308

A few listener questions, barbershop style. No current game breakdowns this week. All freestyle. Which school would I sign with as a 5 star QB? Is Bo Jackson really him?

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[00:00:50] Speaker A: First question. With the showdown coming up this weekend in the Pac Twelve between Oregon and Colorado, do you think that Colorado minus Travis Hunter this week will have enough to beat Oregon prime versus Oregon? Who you taking? Um, second question. Also going to stick with college football. It's more of a hypothetical. [00:01:21] Speaker B: If you Baylor, Baylor the great. If you were 18 years old excuse. [00:01:29] Speaker A: Me, 17 year old. 17 years old and you were a high school senior, you're the number one rated quarterback in America, what school would you attend to play football? I'm going to say it again. You're the number one quarterback in America. Bailey you can go to any school you want. [00:01:50] Speaker B: Any school. [00:01:51] Speaker A: Nil, you got that set? You got everything set up? Lined up. [00:01:56] Speaker B: What school would you choose if you're. [00:01:59] Speaker A: The number one quarterback right now, 2024, you decide. [00:02:05] Speaker B: All right, okay. We can get right to it. We can get right to it then, sir. Let's see. Well, first of all, I would like to say I appreciate you, Cal. I stay thinking twelve cow, man, for these. And that's a real question. That's a real 112 cow. So let me answer the first part. Well, just to let you all know, I spoke to twelve cow or whatever, and since I'm recording this episode earlier than usual, I got some questions coming in and things like that. So for the moment, that question was supposed to be for this week, but since this episode, I recorded this early last week, we're switching Oregon to USC. But I can tell you that the Oregon USC versus Colorado matchup is somewhat similar. I mean, I think I got more stock into the USC one because I see them play all the time. And they are the higher ranked Pac Twelve team. Probably the best Pac twelve team. Pac Twelve team in the conference, right? So that's just big. Dion and it's a 09:00 game. You feel me? Like it's early in the morning. You know how many celebrities is going to be there? And then you get the rest of the day to party in. No, no, I take that back. They're going to Colorado. Look at me jumping. They're going to Colorado. They come to La. For UCLA. That's not going to be much of a I mean, it's going to be on TV, but it's not going to be as big as the don't see them I don't see them getting past Oregon. But if they do get past Oregon to El Cal, that makes it even better for the matchup between USC. But the stock is already down because their best player is out. Their best player is not playing, and it'll be another week before he come back after that, I think you know what I mean? Which sucks because their best player is out. And they got a star studded freshman over there, and you already know they got a heisman over there. Light camera, action at this point right now to the exciting question, the question I've been waiting to get to, 18 year old, and I got the option of picking what program I would like to attend. Ray okay, DLA, you heard it. You heard it. Now, look, here's the thing. Twelve cow, like, I'm a fan of UCLA ever since middle school, you know what I mean? 7th grade, right? UCLA, that was the first university that I ever took a visit to, right? I didn't go on USC campus until I was a young adult, the party years, stuff like that. But at UCLA, my first time on that UCLA campus was like when I was in the 7th grade. Yeah, middle school. Middle school, man. Now, here's the thing. What? I might be getting confused because you said 2024. So coming out now, like you mentioned, the Nil deal, I got paid, bro, just to let you know, I got paid. What endorsement did I get? Definitely Nike. I definitely got some type of Nike deal. Now, here's the thing. I got to do both. So I'm going to do 17 year old me in 99 and 17 year old me in 2024. 2024 is pretty easy. I'm snatching up the Nil deal, okay? I'm doing the whole followers. I'm doing the TikTok thing. I'm outside, I'm in music videos. I'm building my brand with my career. I'm taking advantage of it. And I'm starting an online gaming crew, and I'm going to have a gaming career on the side of that. And I'm going to start a podcast. Okay? That's what I'm doing. And what school would I go to? Now, here's the thing. I mean, the 2020, 417 year old Baylor might not pick UCLA. Nah, here's the thing. I'm smart enough and wise enough to know that taking that USC jersey, that's a lot. That's a lot. And I want to be West Coast bias so bad. So bad, you know what I mean? But if I had to pick outside the state, outside of USC, they're going to hate me for this one. It's going to have to be like a Michigan. Oh, I know, ohio State mad right now. I would say Michigan, LSU, LSU, definitely, that's on the list. I'm taking a visit to LSU. Maybe Clemson. Maybe Clemson. Because I've always liked Clemson. I never had an issue with, know, Clemson. Notre Dame. No. Notre Dame. Nah, no. Bama. That might be it, though. That might be it. I know when I used to play NCAA, I used to always play for like Ball State, North Carolina, but I just love the colors, dog. That's the one thing about college football. I can go on a rant about this, but it's just a different stadiums, the colors, man, I can't wait to that game come back, dog. I really can't. Now, 17 year old me back in 99 is definitely UCLA. But here's the thing, though, the thing about the early 2000s, is that they had some receivers dog back then. So you're telling me I get the pick out of throwing it to Michael Crabtree, Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Williams, Calvin Johnson, Braylon Edwards. We all remember him. Andre Johnson was the dog. Charles Rogers. Charles Rogers. Remember, he had his own commercial. You know what else we had? Who else we had in that class? Greg Jennings was in that class, I think. Dwayne Barrett. I remember that. Josh Reed. Oh, my God. You get Julio Jones. Come on, man. They had cat was des Bryan was back then. No, des. Bryant wasn't back. No. I knew something was funny with some of these players. Some of these players didn't come out around that time. Name? I am tripping dog. I was thinking some of these prayers didn't come out in 99. Some of them did, though. But in 99, I'm probably going to UCLA anyway, because you got to figure since middle school, since middle school, we talking the Bruins, everything, basketball, football, the whole nine. I was mean brainwashed. And here's the I when I started to like UCLA, it had nothing to do with not liking USC. So that's why I never really had a deep hate for them, but I just knew that we were enemies, you know what I'm saying? We were rivals. So that's just what it was. But it's not like a deep hate, though. I think it's dope that every year for the rivalry. Know, they cats got to sleep around the Bear, they got to sleep around the Trojan Horse, duct tape them all up so he won't get vandalized and shit like that. I think it's all dope. You know what I'm saying? But the 40 year old me thinking about a 17 year old me in 2024, you can just go about anywhere. Bama is going to be the big, you know, that's too much spotlight, because usually Bama gonna put out a running back or two, definitely gonna put out a receiver or two, and the quarterback is gonna be highlighted. Sometimes they end up with, like, real trash quarterbacks, but they're highlighted because of the stage. But you can earn much more respect and a bigger spotlight by beating Bama. You know what I mean? And they said LSU be rocking. I will tell you this, though. Twelve cow before I get up out of here. Hey, Howard University. I was an adult when I visited Howard University, and immediately, you know what I'm saying? We went to the football field. We seen the football field. I seen the gym. We saw the rest of the campus, too. But that was so dope, man. I fell in love with and again, that was my first one because I've been to TSU. But that was later. That was later. So beautiful campuses. It was just beautiful. You know what? So, you know, I wasn't mad at it. I would definitely go to Howard. I would definitely go to Howard. I would love to go to HBCU. You know what? You know, I grew up watching A different World and that's what I always wanted to be a part of but never had the resources like our college counselor was pushing. But she wouldn't own it like that, you know what I'm saying? She would mention it, but it wasn't drilled into us, you know what mean? So and that's not just to blame her or anything like that. That just happened to be it is what it is. But yeah, Howard is in there as well. I would love to go to Howard and then at this point, if we're talking about 2024, I mean, I'm changing the whole game. A quarterback. Oh, here's another thing. Would I play for Coach Prime? Maybe. Yeah, I probably would. To seeing how he's coaching. Speaking of Colorado playing against Oregon and SC. Yeah, no, I probably would play for him. I probably would. You know what I mean? If I'm on that team. Do we beat SC? Hell yeah. Do we beat Oregon? Absolutely. But I don't think they got a chance in hell beat neither one of those teams, especially not without they starter. I mean, they superstar, but yeah, man, those are the schools that I'd be interested in throwing that rock. Definitely. And you know what? Oregon might be one too, you know what I'm saying? Just to get those free. [00:14:44] Speaker C: Yo, what's going on people? [00:14:46] Speaker B: Man. [00:14:46] Speaker C: It's your boy, King Germ. One half of Pie saved our marriage and I'm here to ask Baylor a real football question. Now, Baylor, I'm not sure, but I do believe that you're a Raiders fan. This question goes out to the Raider nation. I want to know, is Bo Jackson overrated? Is Tech mo Bo better than real life? Because if you look at real life Bo stats, them stats ain't that great. He don't deserve to be in the hall of Fame. He might not even deserve to be all this icon that he is. But I want to know, do y'all Raiders fans really believe Bo? Is this great or is it just marketing? I need to know because I'm looking at these stats Bo Jackson got and I don't see the reason why he gets all the love that he got. Now, college bow, amazing pro bow, I don't know. So I want to hear what a Raider fan thinks about Bo. Is Bo really overrated or is it just marketing? Or is he deserving of all the love that he gets? Once again, it's your boy King jerk one half a pot and save that marriage. We drop every Friday on all DSPs and we sometimes drop on Mondays. Bonus content, but only if you don't ask for it. Thank you, Baylor, for sharing your platform with me. And I can't wait to hear the response on this one. [00:16:01] Speaker B: Yeah, as a Raider fan, I can just tell you we love Bo over here. We absolutely do we also know the truth? He had a short career. What do he have, like four seasons or something like that? His first season, I was five, okay? So I just remember watching him on TV. The nigga will break for like, a 90 yarder. I sinked it, okay? That's why I'm a Raider fan. But that's not the only thing that I sinked him on. King Jerem, the nigga was playing baseball one day. I said, Wait a minute, you look like the same dude that be putting on a helmet and running 91 yards for a touchdown is, hey, you. Bo knows everything. He had Nike commercials. Did he have gatorade? He probably had all that shit, right? Here's the thing. There is footage on YouTube that you could probably find with these celebrities and these other athletes that praise his athleticism. Right. So I agree. I agree. But I can go to Nip Route. One of my favorite rappers of all time. But he had a short career when it came to the masses. His debut album, and then that was it. Right. That doesn't mean that he wasn't great. Now, he might not be mentioned with the top five or the top tens, et cetera, but his impact, right? His impact and what he was is kind of like keeping him relevant even after he's gone. Same thing with Bo Jackson. They're going to always go back to him. That was a workhorse. Yeah, that was a workhorse. Yeah, absolutely. And you said it in college. We do get prime examples of cats that killed in the league. I mean, killed in college. And they get to the league and they become pedestrian. I get that he had a hip problem and we didn't have the technology to fix that dirty hip. Or that hip was dirty, boss. That hip was dirty, but it was nothing we could do about it. And he just had a short career. He ran that fast. Dion had an interview and, you know, I had to meet Bo on my side of the field, you know what I'm saying? And he planted his hand in my face and pushed and pushed me to the ground. And he run the four, too. He the fastest dude on the field, and then he's going to go play baseball. The hand and eye coordination for that is Godly. What? So when you say Hypes yeah, if you want to throw around the word hall of Fame and stuff like that, you can have a debate. But as far as him being overrated nah. Buckle when we talk about athleticism at his pure finest, it's not too many cats that's actually in that box. It's a couple other cats. You want to hear them? Probably Muhammad Ali. Dion is in there. Charlie Ward. And then that's where it slows down after that. Buckle you might could throw MJ up in there. Just athletic. Jesus. Freak of athleticism. Yeah, that might be it, boss. But Bo Jackson is in there because Bo knows. Bo knows you not going to tackle him. You definitely not tackling from the shoulders up, and you're not tackling them from the waist down. You're not doing that because I wouldn't even let as a friend, bro, king Germ, listen to me when I'm talking to you. Look at me as a friend. I wouldn't let you do that. I know what Bo going to do. It's over, bro. Don't do that, okay? The Raider nation is what it is. It's a cult, bro. Stockholm syndrome. I know I need to leave, but I'm not if they hit me, I deserved it. Yeah. No, they only get mad when you've been drinking at work. That's how it is with men or Raiders. Yeah. So let me tell you, right? Legend. He a legend, bro. Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson. They used him in rap lyrics, bro. Bo Jackson, baby. I'm hip to the game. You know what I mean? That's all I'm saying. [00:20:52] Speaker D: In a seven game series, who winning out of the 2001 Lakers? I think that was, what, the 98 Bulls that won 72 and ten? Or the 2017 warriors? [00:21:09] Speaker B: So, look, I can't be biased with my Lakers. That's not fair. That's not fair. But that team really isn't fair, though, okay? Because I think we only lost one playoff game. If I'm not mistaken, he picked the 2001 ones, right? Philly got one on us. Philly got one on us. That Golden State Warriors, and then that Chicago Bulls. God damn, those are three good teams, bro. If I had to rank them, I probably had to go, yeah, lakers, Bull, Lakers. That's a tough one, bro. That's a tough one. That's a tough one. You know what I'm saying? Because you got to give me seven games each with all of know niggas got to have an answer for Shaq. We know who MJ is, okay? Curry is him, right? And he got a partner that can shoot just as better as he can, all right? And running off those screens, draymond dealing with who? Rodman? My God. But Niggas got to have an answer for Shaq. Kobe's gonna be Kobe and MJ cancel out Kobe, MJ. And then Niggas is not worried about Clay, because you start putting hands on Clay, Clay start missing. He like Tom Brady. He's great. But you put a lot of pressure on that Nigga. He'll buckle. You start hitting him. Brady played different. He played different. That's a fact. Did I just compare Clay to I shouldn't have did that. I shouldn't have did that. I'm taking a home squad. I'm taking a home squad. If we had to go round on Robin, I say we do lose to each team, you know what I'm saying? I can see that. Bulls defense was solid. The niggas could lock in. Golden State didn't worry about defense even though they had a Nigga. That nigga draymond running wild. You know what I'm saying? He can guard five through one. You know what I'm saying? But again, my nigga, when it comes to that offense that was ran with them Lakers, you got to be able to nigga, both of them niggas was dropping 35, 38 a game. Two niggas. And if you tell him this is the thing, though, dolomite. If you tell a nigga like no nigga, you have seven attempts at Mike, what the fuck you think he gonna try to do to that nigga? That's all. Nigga curry. If this nigga Curry get in one of those moves, my nigga, where this nigga just know nobody on that Chicago team. And outside of that nigga Kobe, because Kobe, he had this chip on his shoulder. But outside of that nigga, nobody no, Derek Fisher is not picking up that nigga from full court like that. He not. He gonna drop niggas on the way. As soon as he passed half court, he letting that bitch fly. And he's turning around and he's kissing to the crowd before that bitch dropped to the bottom of the net. I promise you, that's how that shit gonna go. And if that nigga Clay is running around and he sat tripping that nigga play defense. You can get that only Kyrie. You got to be a Kyrie type of nigga to drop that nigga. But everybody else, fair game, that nigga, he's on a bumper. Yeah. New York traffic, nigga. That's how bad it is. So that's a hell of a question right there. I'm going with the homies. Because niggas there's still not an antidote to Gar Shaq, not in that year. But niggas put him on the free throw line, if anything. So until niggas can say if niggas can tell me how they can stop Wolf Chamberlain and that nigga, I got to kick it with the homie. I got to let's see. I think I got another one. [00:25:05] Speaker D: Middle of his career. [00:25:06] Speaker B: Hold up. [00:25:07] Speaker D: And if MJ wouldn't have retired in the middle of his career, I think the Rockets would have took a ring from his ass. [00:25:15] Speaker B: I believe that, too, because niggas is talking about Elijah Wan. Wasn't that nigga? You know what I'm saying? Y'all better stop playing with him, okay? He got the best footwork ever. Them niggas had a team. Team. Okay, I understand. I just finished talking about these Chicago niggas, okay? And we know. We've seen the damage. The shit is already done. We can't erase it. You know what I'm saying? The shit. It is what it is. They laid it down. Pause. It would have been hell of a fight. But what I don't like is the nigga had the whistle in his pocket, though. That's the thing. That's the only thing about Mike, because Mike was getting Mike calls. Nobody else is getting Mike calls like that. Maybe Barkley. Maybe that nigga was getting Mike calls. And we know what that is. Outside of that, though, it's a fair. Look, he should end up with seven. I will say that MJ was supposed to have seven. You know what I'm saying? Kobe was supposed to have six or seven, probably eight. We were supposed to have two, three. I mean, three. Three peaks, three of them. That's a fact. But that's a perfect world. We can't do that if y'all niggas don't like my Lakers. Now, if that type of shit happened. [00:26:38] Speaker C: Do you feel Colorado will become the. [00:26:40] Speaker B: New Alabama in the next year or see, that's now that's crazy, because, look, Alabama let me let's let's explain the prime effect. Every week since the beginning of him coaching Colorado, he has snatched the headlines, and in some cases, the headlines was given to him. It's something that he didn't have to do. He didn't have to generate or anything like that. You already have the bubbling from the first game against Know. Now it's all right. On to Nebraska. Let's see if this offense is dominant. Then you get to the third game or whatever. And if I'm not mistaken, the third game is the rivalry game that got hyped up. The rivalry game was hyped up because of another coach is doing so. They just played off of that, made money. It got financially taken care of. Once that coach created that content for prime, prime has successfully stolen all the ratings where they had East Coast and Midwest people up till 102:00 in the morning watching Colorado versus Colorado State. Nigga, that is power. You control the media at that point. That's phenomenal right there, dog. That's phenomenal. You know what I mean? That is just phenomenal. The prime effect, dog. You know what, man? I think it's possible. I think it's possible because he's showing you his recruiting tactics already, right in front of us. He shows us every week. I can't imagine we got two weeks before that SC matchup. They play well. If you listen to this, they played Oregon already, and they'll be playing SC this Saturday. Just imagine the star power that's going to be there. And at the rivalry game, you had Cameron master P Wu Tang Clan, the Rock. Little Wayne brought y'all out. Offset is getting interviews on the sideline. What in the hell is going that's the prime effect. There's a rapper getting a sideline interview at a Colorado and Colorado State matchup. Hell yeah, I would play for prime. Hell, yeah, I would do it. That's a lot of power. And that's going to be his recruiting tool. If there's going to be any type of Colorado takeover like Bama, it's going to be the star effect. Same thing that Know kind of does, but they stick to their own. These are either superfans or alumni's, but yet still, they showing up to the game like that. Hell, that's been a Lakers tactic since the beginning of time, since Showtime was started. Put the celebrities on the sideline, let everybody tune in and give them a show on the court. That's what Dion is doing. But he's putting out quality players, and this is just his first year. As of right now, before he plays Oregon, he's undefeated. He has two more wins than the school had all last season. If he was to lose the rest of the games, he probably would get criticized a lot. But he's already won, though. You know what I'm saying? He's already won. He's already accomplished something, and he's shown that he can coach his kids and a quarterback. I want to keep the affiliation, the blood affiliation away from it and just look at the player and coach dynamic, and I think that's what's going to help. USC, at one point, had that with Pete Carroll, that relationship where Pete can just come sit down with you and chill with you and talk that shit with you and say, hey, we need to go out here and win one for the city low key celebrities. Niggas is on magazines in college. OJ. Mayo. Like, nigga what SC was doing that. So Colorado can do that. It's just an unusual fit because of who prime is and what Colorado is. But he's showing, like, look, I'm going to start right here. Because truth be told, I think he wanted FSU. Everybody knows he wants to go back to his armor monitor and coach them and just sit down. He want to bring them back to the top, but don't be a King Germ. I think King Germ said this. Maybe King Germ. Twelve cows. Somebody in that camp was wise enough. Oh, you know what? Either that or it was my boy J. O. All great football minds, by the way. I don't want to take nothing from him. That's why I said all their names. But somebody thinks he might sneak down there to Florida. Sneak down into Florida. He gonna get one of those Florida teams and he gonna turn the fuck up. I think so. I believe it. I believe it because he don't want to coach. I'm sorry, Chicago Bears. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all my Chicago people, but that's what it is. That's what it is. I'm sorry. Hey, I created my point guard on two K, so that Niggas on the way. Yeah, it is. Shout out, open roll with BTG. No current content, because, again, I had to get this episode out early. And there you go, man. I told you what team I'll be playing for. I wouldn't mind playing for Miami either. Not a bad one. It's not a bad one. It.

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