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Episode 314 November 08, 2023 00:36:41
Compton Raiders
Open Run With BTG
Compton Raiders

Nov 08 2023 | 00:36:41


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Open Run Episode #314

My Raiders fired the HC, Asst HC, and benched Jimmy G. Christmas came early. Not only that, we beat the Giants by 24 points. Somewhat impressively. Is this a turned curve towards a better future or just continued momentum being relieved of our last situation? Darvin Ham and the substitutions that are causing chaos in the city.

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[00:00:46] UCLA beat Colorado. [00:00:53] Are the Buffaloes of Colorado overrated? [00:00:57] BTG? What do you think D Murph in the building? It was good to hear that my guy is back. [00:01:06] Everybody guy. Everybody's boy. Roboi. What? [00:01:12] He back though? [00:01:15] Yeah, I haven't heard it from him in a while, but that's dope. Hey, I want to get to the question though. [00:01:21] Yeah. UCLA did play Colorado about well, as of today it'd be a few weeks. [00:01:29] You know, Colorado had lost a lot of that steam after Travis Hunter went down. Right then they ended up losing back to back games. Two pivotal games. You know, what kind of. And since then it's just been all downhill for USC. And being a UCLA fan, I'm not even on joking, making fun of them or anything like that. No, I'm good. [00:01:57] The expectations they had for this season, it ain't even. No point of even trying to rub it in at this point. Like UCLA is ranked higher than USC right now. That doesn't happen often. Doesn't happen a know we've had a couple of seasons not too long ago where we were ranked higher than them, but we failed out that stock. As you can see, we scratched our way into the top 25 this season. Right? [00:02:28] So we're not used to being in the same type of position that USC is in every year. It's just that the expectations for them was just crazy and I fell through. So once they got to us it wasn't much. I mean it's something because it's a new Colorado team and it's playing a solid UCLA football team right now, but everybody wanted to see the biggest matchup of it all wasn't. [00:03:01] We didn't really get that because of the injury. The key injury that Colorado had of their star player and they had already lost before they got to mean basically they had already lost before they got a. [00:03:20] We kind of figured they wouldn't go get past Oregon, but the game would have been outrageously promoted, sold out the whole nine if they would have got to SC undefeated with a Travis hunter. But now we're talking about no Travis Hunter. They're not undefeated. [00:03:40] You know, UCLA defense has been playing the best I've seen since I was probably a younger kid In a while, maybe when we had coach Durrell, but outside of that, I don't remember a defense flying around like that. And even our receivers are looking a little bit fluid. You know what I mean? So it's different. [00:04:06] I don't think Colorado was overrated though. To get back to the question, I just think that's the team that he got in his first year. But look what he's done for the sport of college football. Even though college football didn't necessarily need it. This is just extra. They had Cats tuning in. [00:04:22] I mean, they had Cats tuning. [00:04:25] Everybody was up watching the Colorado versus Colorado State game. Cats on the East coast was putting tape on their eyelids to finish that game. It was cracking. That was also the game. What you call it got hurt in, you know what I'm saying? Like, no. Cats was watching that game. West coast time. Like I was tired, I was nodding off, but I had to finish that game. That was a classic game, but don't let that fool you. Twelve. Khalid. Tell you, a person who is well versed when it comes to football will tell you they struggle with a team that these Power Five conferences is not going to struggle with rivalry or not. [00:05:07] You know what saying? Like with this type of expectation and it's unfair. It's unfair. We know how Dion is. We know how Dion talking. We know he's very influential. That team is going to take the swagger he got. They may not be able to perform like he did nobody yet. That's why he's a top one, two, three DB of all time and might be what, a top five top ten defensive player of all time. [00:05:36] Let's have that episode twelve Cow, King Jeremy and King Jerm. King Jeremy opening up the clubhouse. I'm back on Clubhouse a little bit, but just for his room. And we broke out some nostalgic college and NFL football player talk like twelve cow. I'm going to have to hit you up in the morning and tell you how that went. Like me. King German tell you, bro, we had some football conversations going on, but Colorado will be fine now. He's going to be at a much tougher conference. You know what I'm saying? Next year we all will be. [00:06:13] As that Pac twelve is disintegrating before our eyes. It's sad to see, but you got to give him some time. It's unfair. And I think it's because America is full of shit. I think America is the biggest hypocrites of all time because they don't like when somebody is bigger than they. When we started talking about the Lavara balls, the Deion Sanders of the world, the Shannon sharps, you know what I'm saying? They start talking, then it's an issue when we start talking loud. You know what? [00:06:57] Not just I don't want to do a race thing, but that's just in general. You know what I'm saying we could be at a party and the cats be just jealous of you. You know what I'm saying? They don't like the way you look, they don't like the way you talk, they don't like the way you smell, they don't like the street that you come off of. None of that. You know what? [00:07:16] It's just, it's embedded in certain know, a lot of that showboat don't go over too well. I think Mayweather was the only one that really passed that criticism part to where a lot of cats can't really say anything to him because he's one of the most flamboyant athletes of all time and he's never been beat. So it's like you got to start talking about something personal like him and maybe his reading disability or something like that. But outside of that, there's nothing else you could say. [00:07:48] The man is 50 and 51 and something like, if you want to count the little side joints, 50 might be higher than that. [00:07:58] Little exhibition boxing matches and stuff like that. That my boy OTR Mike can tell you a little bit more about, you know what I'm saying? Rain kings. But yeah, man, I think Colorado is going to be. They're going to be all right. Let them recruit. You know what I'm saying? I don't think cats jumped off the bandwagon. I think it's just quiet hours, nothing for them to yell about. And he depleted a whole roster and brought over his own luggage, you know what I'm saying? But a lot of them cats wasn't ready for, is not ready for those type of schools just yet. And he already said prior to this, when he was over there in Jackson State, he was like, dog, I got to win. You got to win in the trenches. It's that defensive line and that offensive line. Twelve cow. Help me out, King Germ, help me out. Did he not say that, D Murph? That's where he said, you will win the game at. And he ain't got those, you know what I'm saying? His offensive lineman ain't, he ain't got no bread fed no cornbread fed cash from Nebraska or Alabama. He ain't got those. If he did, his son probably wouldn't be injured right now. You can get injured anytime, but the protection is a little bit better when you behind an Ole Miss Line, you know what I'm saying? When you behind a Texas line, when you behind a Bama line, when you behind the LSU line, all these cats is five stars all these cats is, I'm getting to league. I'm going to be blocking for Derek Henry and Josh Jacobs. I'm going to be blocking for these cats in the league. He ain't got that type of line yet. And he definitely ain't got it on the D line, you know what I'm saying? [00:09:42] You can't find a defensive player on that team that you could point out right now and be like, all right, he can go play for USC. Nah. And he knows that. But they played off of just pure, like we the new toys on the block. Y'all about to check us out. They killed it with the white, with the white uniforms, man. They killed it with that. With the snow. They playing off the snow, that shit nice, you know what I'm saying? And they creating online material. They got robbed in UCLA. You can get robbed everywhere, baby. The reason why it's a big deal, or was a big deal is because you got robbed in Pasadena, you know what I'm saying? Which is not for us streetcats. We know, like, well, that's where cats get robbed at. They go out to where the money is at and then bring it back to the hood, right? No, but you would think it would be safe because UCLA has their standards is crazy, right? And then you associate it with Hollywood. And you know what I'm saying? All that the California lifestyle shit. [00:10:45] But you forget California has so many different lifestyles and cultures in here, including the gang culture. Inside job. It had to be inside job. [00:10:54] You know what I'm saying? And then y'all the only team that has ever complained about that, about getting robbed. Think about that. It was a target. It was a target, bro. Merv, I'm telling you right now, it was a target. [00:11:09] No SC catch has ever said it. Nobody in our conference has ever said or anybody outside of our conference that we played ever said it. It wasn't until Colorado came to Pasadena and then they got robbed. They got their ass whooped and then they got robbed. [00:11:25] You tell me. You tell me. But Murph, to answer your question, no, bro, you got to give them some time. As a Spurs fan. We will get to some basketball in a minute. As a Spurs fan, Pop, when you lose a lot of players and that roster is not that good, you're not going to continue that playoff streak. [00:11:47] You're not going to be able to get to the playoffs. You're not going to be able to get to the postseason. You're not going to be able to get to play against or have those classic moments in the playoffs or even in the championship game. Why? Because you don't have the roster. [00:11:58] So if you don't have a roster, all you can do is just coach and motivate and see if these cats just catch one. You know what I'm any given Sunday type of mentality, and that's kind of like what it was in the first couple of you win the opener. I mean, you lose the opener, bro. Yo, it's going to be bad for you guys. [00:12:20] You got things going on with glasses like shades and stuff like these cats. [00:12:25] Colorado is doing what they supposed to do. Monetize off the thirst. Shout out to Gigi. Monetize off the thirst. [00:12:34] That's what it is. We're looking for the entertainment. [00:12:37] But then don't dog my guy. Knowing that y'all would give any other these coaches, and it ain't even gotta just be a white coach, it could be a coach that y'all just really favor. [00:12:47] Give him time. Because guess what? That's what we gave Chip Kelly. We like what he's doing this season. This season is starting to look Chip Kelly ish. You know what I mean? But my impatient ass said, nah. But when Chip Kelly first came on board to be our coach, Murph, did you know twelve cow that we had the youngest. We had the youngest class in college football. [00:13:10] Yeah. We had a gang of freshmen and sophomores on the team didn't know what to do. [00:13:16] And I had to let him turn that roster over because this was a backyard he had been stealing from when he was with Oregon for so many years. He had so many classic LA football players come from the city, my backyard, and play for, isn't it? Why is it that hard for you to get what's in the backyard that you're living in now? [00:13:38] But at the same time, what a lot of people don't know, SC has been our professional and college team. At one point, SC football was just as popular as the Raiders, the Rams back then, you know what I'm saying? They was up there. They was up there. The Lakers and the Dodgers was the. Know what I'm saying? For the 90s. [00:14:03] It's open season. You know what I'm saying? It's open season. Because in the basketball world, Chicago ran it, you know what I'm saying? Houston got up in there a little bit and then that's what it was. That's what it was. You know what I mean? So look, though, at the end of the day, Murph, I want to get rid of it. I want to close it out. No. Give him another year or two. I don't even like Colorado as a fit. It's different, but I don't like it as a fit. I think he deserves that Florida State, but seems like they got a solid coach that they're going to be building on over there. But he deserves a much better program than Colorado. To me, I think he's earned that. Or if not, I think he's earning that the right way, though. [00:14:53] Some of these coaches have gotten a job and you just say how. [00:14:58] What's the credentials? Outside of being an assistant or something like what is the credentials? Where did you come from? But this is a former player. Former. He was a dope college player, dope professional player, dope persona, charIsma, character, the whole nine. He got everything and I think he deserved a better situation. But he has started from the ground up. And not to say anything, I don't want to make it seem like it's a negative thing when, you know that HBCU team that he coached was at the bottom. But I don't mean it like that. But we know the skill set, the skill different, the talent. And they said it's really the defensive and offensive line when it comes to the receivers, when it comes to the skill positions, the HBCU players is there. [00:15:55] You know what I'm saying? It's in the trenches. Everything else is pretty much equal. Maybe the quarterbacks might be separated a little bit, maybe, but when it comes to that, running back, receiver, DBS and some of them linebackers, they say it might not be that much of a difference. [00:16:14] But that's just what I heard, you know what I'm saying? But at the end of the day, no, Murph, let them cats live, dog. Let them cats live, man. [00:16:23] You got to give Dion four years with one program. Give him that. [00:16:29] Let him have that and then we can come back. You know what I'm saying? That first one, let him get his feet wet, depending on how that turned out, let him fix it. And then that third season, you got to get it together because now you consider a low tier veteran now. And then that fourth season being here. No, you should be consistent now. So let them get four years, bro. Let them get four years. Hey, there was a lot going on last week that spilled into this week. And what I mean by that is I'm a Raiders fan, man. So this season didn't really, the expectations wasn't there anymore after we lost car and we had Garoppolo, which I never agreed on, I just dealt with it. I say, you know what, dog? I don't know what's going to happen. The expectations is not there because I don't believe in that Patriot shit being in the Raiders facility. I don't. I never will. We will never be that. We're total opposite. We know what it is. We not cool with you. We don't really like you. We not like that. We not friends like that. We not cool. And you brought a lot of Patriot ways and staff and players over here. And I'm not mad at the players because the players can go anywhere and play but get the staff record label and the whole fucking crew up out of here when it comes to that Patriot shit because it's not the Raiders way. And it showed because my coach is from Compton and he was a former jets player and a former Super bowl winner. And I'm proud to say that his first game, which was against his old team, he put up 30 and shut a team down to six. Now, look, it was the Giants. And shout out to my boy dobby, because that's his team. But the Giants, that's bottom shelf alcohol, okay? That's Takavaka right now. It's not the good thing. And I mean all speedy recovery. Speedy recovery. Oh, shout out to Jarv. This is your team, too, right? [00:18:42] Shout out Daniel Jones. He hurt. He hurt. And it's a non contact injury. And back to back, we sacked the quarterback eight times today between two quarterbacks, eight sacks. We ain't had a game like that. [00:19:01] Interceptions. You know what? Fumble like, we is going down now. Again, I know my boy Jay origin going to say, yo, it's no tape. You know what? Basically, you know, this is the first time he's, you know, teams won't be able to adjust with what he got going, and that's cool. But you got to let him have that, Mark Davis. Let him have that. Let Antonio Pierce have that. Man, he looked like my wife said he looked like you from Compton. [00:19:31] And it feels right because, nigga, my Raiders are supposed to be in LA anyway. Get them niggas out of Vegas. I said that 30 times already. Get him out. Because he said he looked like a gang member and a head coach for the Raiders at the same time. And I love it to put up 30, my nigga, when we didn't score a big Roy, my Raiders hasn't scored over 20 points all season up until that game. And we scored 24 in the first half and six in the second because I think he said his emotions was going crazy. And I believe him. He said he was nervous, this, that, and the third, and he was hypE, his anxiety, all that. And I think once it got to the second half, I think he played it safe. It seemed more conservative, like he tried to burn the clock. Because we won the clock War in the second half, I think especially in the third, if I'm not mistaken. Like, we drained the third quarter. [00:20:33] But still, he looked out for Josh Jacobs and gave him an opportunity to get 100 yards, which he did, but he kept him in the game after he got one on one, ran for the next play, lost a couple of yards, went back down under 100. [00:20:51] This was a game where, like I just said, bro, we scored 30, right? 30 points, where we didn't score over 20 points all season, right? But then when you look at the stat sheet and you got to go, yeah. So what did my star player do? DeVante Adams had four receptions for 34 yards. No tubs. But look how much we won the game by Jacobs. Went back down to 98, but O'Connell, the rookie, came in. Look how he was 16 for 25. Two nine, right? Two oh nine. [00:21:30] And that's cool. That's cool because he didn't have to do too much with Jacobs running the ball like that. We got a running touchdown from one of our receivers. And Myers, you know what I'm saying? He using Abdullah. And I got to say this, even though Winfro only had two receptions for 32 yards, it felt good to see him get involved in the offense. [00:21:55] I feel good for him. I feel better for him. Like, I'm happy for him that we know he gonna get the rock now. We won a game without, I mean, with one of our start. Max Crosby bald out. Max Crosby balled out. You know what I'm saying? But our main guy, our main receiver had a below average game, and we won by 24 points. I love that shit, man. That means my defense stepped up. And again, it was against the Giants. [00:22:26] No disrespect, dabble, but them niggas is not it. You know what I'm saying? But a win is a win. A win is a win. And my nigga, I mean, any given Sunday, we would be the laughing stock of the league if we lost to, you know, it is what it we. I don't want to see Jimmy G on the side. We see that nigga on the sidEline. He probably was there, but I don't care. The moment our coaches got fired, I'm sorry, I forgot to bring that up. They got rid of that nigga and the offensive coordinator right after that and then named Antonio Pierce My nigga. Immediately we got another tweet that said, that nigga Jimmy G is getting benched, nigga, it was a celebration on Friday, my nigga. I never celebrated so hard in my life for the Raiders. What I said, and then this nigga Mark Jackson don't even got the bowl cut no more. The nigga broke out one of the slick, all white Raider jackets, and then, nigga want to go get him a fade. I said, nigga, my coach is from Compton. [00:23:27] You don't think I'm happy right now, bro? [00:23:30] I'm happy right now. I'm happy. And let him play it out because I feel like we did this to Tom Cable, we did this to Jack Del Rio. We didn't give them enough. Well, we gave Jack Del Rio some time, and he was cool. But for the coaches, no. A couple of years ago, it's like the interim coaches that we get, they do good because they typically are. [00:23:56] The player coach, they loved him. [00:24:01] One of my favorite head coaches of all time, I heard me say this. My coach, Bud, who passed away, may he rest in peace. But that's one of my favorite coaches of all time, because he just knew. He knew how to talk to us. He knew how to deal with us, he knew how to motivate us. He knew how to check us, hurt our feelings, but we understood it. [00:24:21] Not necessarily hurt our feelings, but came off a little harsh, but with love, he knew how to do that. The Pete Carrolls of the world, et cetera. [00:24:31] I felt like we tried to get into that. We got to go get big names. We got to go get familiar names. Nah. Sometimes the answer be right there, because when you look at Miami head coach, nobody ever seen that. And when, every time I see him on the sideline, I still can't believe it. [00:24:47] He don't even look like a head coach, but he doing his thing over there. Shout out to my Raiders, man, I'm happy. I don't know where this season is going to go, but I hope Antonio Pierce can get us in Contention. You know what? I know, I know some Raider fans, probably J. O. Is going to agree that, yo, maybe we need to just play competitive and then take it. You know what I'm saying? Caleb might be available. I get it, dog, and I understand. But we might have a quarterback with AC. [00:25:14] We don't see, though. We don't see. [00:25:17] It was a good win. It was a good win. We're going to see. The next test is going to be, do we got a Monday night game or Thursday? What game do we got? No, it's a Sunday night game with the Jets. That should be another winnable game. And that should get us at 500. So we shall see. [00:25:33] Before I get up out of here. Well, I said I was going to talk about my Lakers and some basketball. Because that Lakers and Clippers game was just okay. Yeah, Bobby Knight passed away. Big Dog, at 83. And everybody know what he's famous for? That goddamn chair. That goddamn chair that resembles the chair that was used in Alabama. But no, he was just one of those, nigga. The Bobby Knight. Let me tell you how popular Bobby Knight is. There's a Bobby Knight drill that we used to have to do at the mine. Yeah, a Bobby Knight drill. You know what I'm saying? Taking charges and shit like that. Man. Come on, dog. Bobby Knight, was it? Bro, watch your mouth about Bobby Knight, all right? Classic. It will toss a chair at you, okay? I think it threw that chair across that floor. He was so frustrated. [00:26:22] But, yeah, he's one of those coaches. When you start talking about. I might have to do that twelve cow King Germ. You might have to help me out with that one. We got to do it. And Murphy, you want to be involved in this one? Goatie. I know you listening. Hey, man, we got to do like a top ten head coaches of all time, dog. That's a good one right there. [00:26:41] Top ten head coaches. We can do basketball, football, baseball. All set. Well, you all going to get me in a baseball? I don't know managers like that. You know what I'm saying? Tommy Lazori. That's all I know, nigga. You know what I'm saying? After that, I don't really care about nothing else, but, yeah, and we can do all sports. All sports. You know what I'm saying? That's dope. You all write that down? Yeah, you all write that down. But, yeah, no. Rest in peace to Bobby Knight, man, that's classic. Classic coach right there. Classic coach right there. [00:27:12] And then. I don't know if this is real news or not. But I'm pretty sure more will come out about this. If this is true or not. But CJ McCullum has some type of cancerous infection or something going on. [00:27:31] I got some type of story, but I don't know if it's real or not. But I hope everything is all right. Because that's one of those cats. Not only dope on the court. But he's entertaining off the court. As we come to see a lot of former NBA and NFL players with know. CJ McCullum was one of them. I think him and JJ Reddick just, they really have that media, but they know how to balance it, though, you know what I'm saying? And I like very, very entertaining. So I hope everything is all right with him. But my Lakers, man, not the best beginning, not the best start, especially the tournament shit started. The end season, tournament started. We lost, you know what I'm saying, to Orlando. [00:28:19] I don't know if we stuck in that still too early stage, but it's like we haven't figured it out, you know what I'm saying? Our games is a little too competitive with everybody and I don't want to keep giving us an excuse while everybody else seemed to figure it out early on. You know what I mean? [00:28:45] It's not popping. But again, we got the oldest player in the league. We got the most fragile player in the know when it, when it comes to Austin Reeves, who is technically supposed to be our third best player on the team. [00:29:01] He started off know, but I feel like Cam Reddish has been getting a lot of time, right. [00:29:09] A lot more playing time, which is also well deserved, you know what I'm saying? And his defensive presence is phenomenal. [00:29:18] But I think Darvin Ham is going to have an issue with his lineups and he's running a lot of these two guard lineups and I'm not understanding Gabe was Going to be out for a while with a leg injury. [00:29:35] So D Lo has been playing solid, you know what I'm saying? He had a couple of questionable games early on, but he has woken up and Ad has been a fucking tear. But we've seen this before. [00:29:48] We've seen Ad start off crazy. We've seen AD in the beginning of the season go Bonanza for like six, seven, eight games. It's that midseason, that late season that bothers me at this point. Niggas just trying to get to the playoffs. So we still have the oldest player in the necessarily. I'm not tripping. It's just I understand that we're not gelling quite yet. Not gelling quite yet. So it's a lot of new players and so we still got to figure it out. But I love the depth. I love the depth of the roster. [00:30:23] I just feel like some other pieces need to be moved around. Like we haven't even played the rookie yet. You know what I'm saying? [00:30:30] Max Christie is a pivotal player. I think he's. I think Max Christie is in that beginning stages of the Alex Caruso Austin Reeves stage. You know what mean? Like, I think he's going to be one of those guys. I think he's going to make himself as important as Austin Reeves. [00:30:52] It's just a matter of when. And the so and then Cam Reddish is the guy that we knew was supposed to come in. Well. We expected him to come in the league and be somewhat mentioned with some of the Cats that he played against that left the year before him and the year that came in with him. And it's like his name has been fading away. But I think he can revive himself. It's just I don't understand the lineups right now, and I think we probably won't understand that until we probably get to that 30 game range. [00:31:28] That should be enough time for you to figure out not only what you're going to roll with, but adjustments for injuries and so on. Because that second lineup is going to be key for us as well, just as important as the starters. So I think, I think, I think that'd be okay. I just think the standards is the standards has been what has been right. [00:31:58] We're not going back to the past and we're not going to get that Kobe and Shaq duo. We're not going to get that Showtime duo. We'll get hints of it. It's a new water I've been drinking, by the way. Shout out to Britt. You'll get hints of know, you'll get hints of the Shaq and Kobe era, but it's just a hint of it. It's not the real thing. [00:32:24] Everybody is balanced out and there's a lot more Euro players that's running in the league than our homegrown. [00:32:32] So I don't think we're going to get those days of just certain dominant teams. [00:32:41] I mean, we can pretty much tell who's going to be in trouble on both sides of the conference, but there's other teams that still can be involved in a race. When you look at it right now, Milwaukee is going to be the favorites. You can throw Phoenix in there and that's to star know. That's star power right there because Milwaukee got know Phoenix got three. That's a lot right there. That's a whole All Star starting lineup. [00:33:14] So it's going to be those two. Boston still going to be in the mix. I don't know about Philly. We don't know Philly is the Kings. Is they going to continue to be solid. Denver is going to be up there. [00:33:30] So it's some action. It's some action. I like OKC. [00:33:38] Look at the Spurs, Murph. Look at your boy VW. VW is just doing some alien type shit right now, looking fluid. And I think here's the best thing. He caught his confidence early. It's over for you niggas. [00:33:56] I'm not about to hop on a bandwagon like some of these other cats and be like, he's about to be the best thing since Jesus. But he got his confidence early, so he's going to be held in a different regards now. Merv, like Nick is not about to give him no kind of passes now because he's already shown that he's a killer, he's a sniper, he's a samurai now. It's got to be consistent. His fall is going to be a lot more harsh now because he already up there. [00:34:24] Yeah, Pop got one. [00:34:29] Depends on how long you think Pop is going to be there to coach him. [00:34:33] You know what I mean? So it's some teams. It's some teams. And I feel like we get to the postseason injury free. Knock on wood. [00:34:45] Bron is going to have to play do something that we've never done before. And we're seeing that almost every other game. [00:34:53] But he's literally going to have to play out of his mind to get that second ring for us. Whereas some other teams might not have to work that hard. That's how I look at it. [00:35:04] That's exactly how I look at it, is that we're going to have to play two times as hard. And some of these other teams won't have to do that. They will have to make certain mistakes in order for us to. And we have to capitalize on them. That's where we're at. [00:35:22] But we're still able to compete for a championship over a lot of the teams. I just see other teams that can get it done at an easier pace than us. But we have the tools, we have the players chemistry, somewhat questionable lineups, questionable coaching philosophy still up in the air, so we'll see outside of that, man, a lovely a. Sports is. Sports is looking good right now, man. Sports is looking good right now. A pin rolls. Murph. Meet me at the wreck, big dog. A Goldie. Meet me at the wreck, big dog. I got a 510 point guard that's passing the shit out of that ball and he can shoot the three ball. He a 90 now. [00:36:14] He. [00:36:20] So you got to bear with him. But come on now. He almost there. I'm doing what I got to do. So the point guard is back. All right. Hey, open run with BTG. [00:36:32] Thanks for coming through. Thanks for coming through. And shout out to my coach because he from Compton, he.

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