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Open Run #313

The Clippers traded for Harden, Darvin Ham's lineups are being questioned and my Raiders still need a damn QB!!!

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[00:00:41] We talking a lot of basketball this time. [00:00:44] As we all know the season started last week, already had an episode in the chamber ready locked and load. So I wasn't able to cover the Lakers first couple of games but now we're here we're currently sitting at one and two. This is the night we lost to the Kings and we let Dear and Fox go off at 37. Malik monk think he dropped somewhere around 20, some 22 nine of them which were in OT so we kind of scratched back because most of the game sacramento had a momentum and they controlled the game mostly. [00:01:26] Now we did get a chance to foul out know? And fox was in foul trouble towards the end of the game late fourth quarter going to overtime. [00:01:40] And I got to say that everybody pretty much showed up for this game except for austin reeves. And really no sighting of cam reddish these first three games where we're sitting at one and two, I want to say early yarn. [00:02:03] We got to give him the benefit of the doubt. It seems like he's trying to throw a lot with these lineups trying to figure out the right chemistry. There's a lot of bodies that we got. [00:02:15] And it seems like early on, kind of like right now with three games in, it's hard for him to figure out a lineup that you could pretty much set and stick with right now. But nonetheless, we still have an opportunity to play the game no matter what lineup is there. And the theme within these three games, look, it's three games is it underwhelming? Very. So you know what I mean? Coming out the gate against Denver, going into that, it just didn't seem like we was just ready for the game. Right. End up scratching back towards the end, but ultimately they end up pulling away in that game. [00:03:05] I look at more of what we didn't do versus what we were able to execute, which wasn't much. And that was also the game where Ad had 17 in the first half and not a drop later in the second half. So for him to go AWOL during that game and I think we lost somewhere. I think we lost by like twelve that game, which is to me is fairly close to have one of your top offensive players and defensive players know become invisible, at least offensively in the second half. Canaan had that we all know at this point with LeBron aging and Ad being the quote unquote Robin of the duo it's time for him to take that one off and at least become Nightwing if you don't want to take the Batman role because we can no longer blame the offense running through Braun. You feel me? Because Austin Reeves have stepped up last season to get the opportunity this season he just hasn't shown up yet. Within these past three games he hasn't really shown up like we expected him to, especially in the Phoenix game, which Booker nor Bill played, you know what I mean? So it was basically a KD by himself, that game, and we only end up winning that by five points. And that's because I don't know how to pronounce his first name. [00:04:49] Is it taron or tarian? I never really get it. [00:04:53] But Prince gave us nothing that game when on the flip side, this game he came out, I think he ended up with like over 20 some points this game. So he kept us afloat against the Kings, but against Phoenix he gave us Donut. That was another bad game for Austin Reeves where he only dropped ten. So Austin Reeves in the beginning of the season hasn't really done too much. Plus Fox dropped 37 and that's coming across all the guards, you know what I'm saying? Doesn't matter how much Austin Reeves he was cooking everybody, you know what I'm saying? Then Malik monk. Like I said, he had 22. Everybody else on the Lakers offensively tonight pretty much showed up and that's between Russ, Prince, Ad and LBJ. Those four is who went to work tonight. Right? [00:05:46] But then there was no sighting of Austin Reeves, who only ended up with five. His shooting percentage was extremely low this game. Three point attempts was loaded game. [00:05:56] He started off bad, you know what I mean? [00:06:01] Yeah. [00:06:04] I'm not saying there's a bit of urgency when it comes to wanting some type of stability in the offense because there is a lot of new players, but the core players are still there. Even some of the role players, we are missing a couple because of injuries right now. But I don't think it should be that difficult to find a good lineup because I think you could plug and play just about every piece of there. [00:06:34] I love the depth that we have when it comes to the fours and the fives, you know what I mean? But we got to find a hardened set starting five and run offense, baby. We got a roll, we got a role, and our perimeter defense is still looking bad. [00:06:59] Still looking bad. And we should have lost this game by at least a dub. [00:07:04] The way we was shooting free throw, missing free throws, the way we wasn't playing defense, and the three pointers that we gave up this game, especially in the first half, I mean, look, we let Fox drop 30 and he's one of those Laker killers. You got the Bibbies, you got the Danes, man, he's part of that, you know what I'm saying? Bobby Jackson's of the world. There were certain just Laker killers back in the day, you know what and the Aaron Fox, he's definitely one of those. No matter what it know, we didn't had an opportunity to meet them in the playoffs last year because they ended up losing to the team that we ended up beating, which was golden State, but it's a new slate now, man, so hopefully we can get it together. I still like the roster. I think Cam Reddish need to be implemented to the lineup a little bit more, at least with the second unit, you know what I mean? I don't want cast to get too cold on the bitch, and I understand there's going to be some cast that we're just going to be saving for the postseason, but, man, I wouldn't necessarily say it's looking shaky, but I don't like it. It's not confident Laker ball that I'm looking at, and I really don't like it. I don't like it. [00:08:30] It's the third game in, but I'm not trying to scratch from behind the season to where we're trying to get in and play. I'm not trying to repeat what we did last season. I want a respectable seating. I think anything less than the fifth seed is I don't like it. [00:08:49] Again, it's the first couple of weeks, so we got ways to go after that Christmas game. [00:08:57] Time for some action. Just to wrap it all up. That's my basketball take. I see it. The Clippers is over there having fun. They over there losing games, too. But the Clippers is having fun, though. I like to see it. I like to see them cats. [00:09:09] It's a whole nother different type of entertainment with them cats going on right now. [00:09:14] I can't wait till they get their own shit, too, you know what I'm saying? They still building it over there off of Prairie and Century. [00:09:22] But yeah, we do have a Monday night game. Shout out to Liquid Sores. He is on a future episode of BTG for President. So y'all tap into that. We had a gang of a little bit of malfunction throughout the episode because I called him on the IG platform. So next time I should have just I got to find a better recording source for Android users. [00:09:49] But the show was hella funny. He's Detroit cat. So detroit Pistons. Detroit Lions. And we just so happened to play my Raiders is playing against Detroit Lions, and it's going to be good. I said I'm going to be at the bar. I think he going to be at the bar. And I told him I'm going to lock in. Lock in throughout the game, man. That's what it is. So Jimmy G is supposed to be back because of his back. [00:10:16] Let's see if this is any type of upgrade from the quarterback position that we've been having the past couple of games. [00:10:22] But Jared Goff had a you know, he's had a bad game coming off of that Baltimore loss, and they looking to set that shit back on fire again because Detroit Lions have been one of the hottest teams dating last year towards the end of the season. So everybody's kind of rooting for them. I ain't mad. I've never had no beef or nothing like that. But shout out, man. Raiders, we need this W, and I mean, we need this prayer. Put prayers up, man, for Cousins, man. He injured himself, and it looked like he might be done for the season. I'm not sure if any news has come out, but yeah, Cousins is out, man. The Vikings is going through it. I know my fantasy teams are going through it because Justin Jefferson is my number one receiver in all the leagues that I'm in. You know what mean? So we going through it over there with a couple of my fantasy teams. I'm still doing good, great in one. I'm doing great in one mediocre and the other one and I'm doing bad in my boy Keon's league, man. I think I'm going down like two. I don't think I'm like two and six after this week. So it's looking bad over there, but yeah, man. See if my Raiders can pull one out. Please don't upset me. Please don't embarrass me on national TV. Monday Night football. Detroit Lions. Still, I want to call them the Oakland Raiders. Las Vegas Raiders, man. Let's see if we can get a W open. Run with BTG. See y'all next week. Basketball is back, and shit is just so lovely, man.

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