Fumbling Emotions

Episode 315 November 15, 2023 00:15:01
Fumbling Emotions
Open Run With BTG
Fumbling Emotions

Nov 15 2023 | 00:15:01


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Open Run with BTG Episode #315

My Raiders are currently 2-0 under the Compton naive coaching. We head into a matchup test vs Miami now. Also…is too much emotions in sports a bad thing?

Fumbling Emotions #Open315

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[00:00:48] Speaker A: Baylor. [00:00:51] Speaker B: A couple of weeks ago, we. [00:00:53] Speaker A: Saw the game Southern Cal was playing against, I think it was Oregon and they lost the game. And the quarterback, star quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams, was overcome with emotions. He made his way to the stands, found his parents, and when he got. [00:01:15] Speaker C: To his mom, the dude, he just. [00:01:18] Speaker A: Broke down and started crying. So my question to you, Baylor, is what did you think about that? [00:01:25] Speaker C: Is that cool for a kid to. [00:01:27] Speaker A: Be crying like that after a game? I'll give you my take and I'll be brief. And let me just start by saying I am a little bit biased because one of my best friends is and has been Caleb's mentors, quarterback guru, coach, family friend, probably since Caleb was seven or eight years old. So I've known about Caleb long before he made it to USC and before he went to Heisman. And he's always spoke very highly of Caleb and he considers Caleb to be family. Also, having played college football at South Carolina State University in the 90s. [00:02:07] Speaker C: I'll just say this, Baylor, I don't. [00:02:10] Speaker A: Have a problem with a kid crying. The reason being is because if you. [00:02:13] Speaker C: Played football before and you've played it at any level, you've probably cried after a game. Now, it's normally behind closed doors, it's. [00:02:25] Speaker A: Normally in the locker room. Sometimes it's on the way home from the game. [00:02:28] Speaker C: But you've cried before. [00:02:30] Speaker A: I didn't have a problem with him crying. [00:02:32] Speaker C: I probably would not have cried in. [00:02:35] Speaker A: The stands with my mom. But the thing is that when you play a game, I think you're emotional. [00:02:42] Speaker C: That's one of the reasons why the. [00:02:45] Speaker A: Media doesn't talk to kids after a loss. After 15 to 20 minutes have to go by. There has to be a cooling off period. Colleges won't allow you to talk to athletes right after losses because you need that time to kind of get off that adrenaline and come down. So again, my question to you, Baylor. [00:03:06] Speaker C: What is your take? [00:03:07] Speaker B: Because there were a lot of people. [00:03:08] Speaker A: Making jokes, a lot of people saying, well, this says a lot about his. [00:03:11] Speaker C: Leadership, but I want to get your take. [00:03:13] Speaker A: What do you think about Caleb Williams displaying his emotion of crying in the stands with his mom after a tough loss at USC? Thanks again for letting me in the gym, bro. [00:03:28] Speaker B: I'll holler, you mean that's passion, though, if you really think about it? I don't see nothing wrong with, look, if you go on YouTube right now and type up some of these retired, newly retired NBA players, they lay down all the beans about his cats in the league. Just stealing checks, you know what I'm saying? No passion in the game. Excuse me? No passion in the game. No love for the game. They're just in there for a check, right? They're not worried about winning. You got to think. And I told my group chat because my group chat is like 90% USC fans, right? And I'm like, man, you all let down the city. You all let down the city. The expectations, you know what I mean? Preseason we talking about. They expected SC to be one of those playoff top four playoff teams. They did. They did. Ran into Notre Dame, then another loss after that. You know what I'm saying? This has probably been the worst overhyped SC team in a while. And that's why your quarterback is going to cry. You are the starter of USC, the most popular football team in Southern California and was the professional team for a Cool A, wearing that SC jersey as the quarterback is like you wearing a Laker jersey at any of. It's a lot of pressure that come with that. You Hollywood, the carpet's already rolled out and Heisman winner. So yeah, man, that's a lot of pressure, man, that's a lot of pressure for a young quarterback, a young, talented quarterback. But we can't. To me that's letting me know that he really cared about the game and he know how upsetting this season. As a Bruin fan I could tell you that as a Bruin fan it's disappointing. It's disappointing even our rivalry game, right. It's not going to mean much. It's probably going to mean much more to us than to them. If they was to beat us, it's not going to move much. It's not an impact. But if we beat them, it's going to make them look that much bad. So I'm not mad at it. I don't think anybody should be criticized for crying about the game. Emotional, man, we seen, look, MB cried, Bosch cried. Shoot. Even after Florida. Florida, who did Florida lose to that one year with Tebow was quarterback. And then he went off on that one of the best post game interviews. He got up there and said everything outside of him just calling himself goddamn Superman shit. But emotions is passion for the game. And I have you crying over how to. You never know how your emotions are going to act up. When Marshall lynch spoke about the interception in the Super bowl, knowing damn well 99.9% of the nation knew he was supposed to get that ball, including himself. And he said he walked up to Pete Carroll face and just laughed in his face. But that's also a lot of pain too, because what if now? It's a what if now and we damn near know the answer to it. So yeah, showing your emotions. I'm with it. I'm with it. Show them emotions. That's telling me, hey, I got love for the game. I got love for the game. But hey, we've been fumbling the title of this episode, fumbling emotions. I'm glad we got that question because that's going to tie into, well, not necessarily tie into, but everything's going to make sense about the title, especially when it comes to the fumbling because my Raiders almost fumbled this game away against the Jets. Now look, it's a good celebration thing going on with us. Smoking cigars in post game, going live, making the Raiders is going viral now. You know what, you know, Crosby Mad Max, you know what I'm saying? That's our poster child right there. We ain't had a cat like that on the line nominating like that since Howie long, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I take you back. I'll take you back. Twelve Cal. Howie Long, number 75. He was dangerous. That white boy was dangerous with that military flat top. Yes, he was. That was the original guile right there from Street Fighter. He did look like one of them gladiators though. He had the Gladiator face. Gladiators, Baywatch and saved by the bell face ass. How belong nigga ain't he? Anyhow we put it out though. Ran the ball but Josh Jacob, two fumbles, you know what I'm saying? Two or three fumbles and then back Zaire fumble. You know what mean? Like come on dog. And then we Connor throwing an interception. You know what I'm saying? We almost gave that game away. Nice catch by the rookie tight end. Nice catch by Myers. That was mossed. That's going on Moss right there. But we're going to look, we're in a tough spot. Twelve cow. Because it's like we know the rookie is going to finish out the season. He hasn't really shown consistency to where I'm like, yeah, let's give him a chance to come into training camp as the starter with the reps and see how he goes versus a rookie quarterback coming in with the starters in training camp. You see what I'm saying? So it's a dilemma over here. It's a dilemma, but the defense is playing better. The defense is playing better. We did not allow a touchdown this game. All field goes. All field goes. And we was the only team that scored a touchdown that game, but it was two game win streak by the Compton head coach. I like it, but it was against probably they bottom feeder teams, both of them from New York Giants. Not saying I apologize, Jarv. I apologize, Manny, but I should be giving you niggas a text messages. And while we was know, my Lakers was battling back against Portland and they pulled it out without Braun. So that was good. It's not telling, but that was a good w without Braun. But it was also against Portland, which is another terrible team like the jets and like the Giants. You know what I mean? So it is what it is. Twelve cow. I appreciate the question, but again, man, show your emotions in the game, man. We've seen to cry over his quarterback, okay, on national TV. Remember that? He was crying over, that's my quarterback. Yeah, you're emotional. That don't mean that tio won't whoop your ass and run the slant across the field. And that's the thing. Let cats be who they are, man. Ain't nothing wrong with showing emotion. That's what's wrong with. That's why these niggas is crazy now, because they holding all that emotion in trying to be tough guy. Number no, we're not doing this. We're not doing this now. But as far as my Lakers though, man, it's been underwhelming so far. They end up losing to the goddamn Rockets out of all teams by a know. But look, regular season, I get it early, okay? I get it. But even the games that we winning, that's the ones that I'm concerned about. Right? We'll see. We'll see if Darnham can get these lineups right and we'll see if they start putting in more Max effort and stop going down by 14, 1520 points in the first quarter where we got a scratch back. Cam, Reggie's defense has been solid. We criticize him for the one game winner, but hey, man, it's early in the season. You got to let that shit happen because now if he knocks that down, his confidence, even though the very next game he came out killing, they went right to him. So shout out to that because he had a nice game. So we got to keep him rotated because his defense on KD is serviceable. No, he's not going to shut him down, but he's going to give him issues in the time that we need him to, especially if it's a close game. But if I'm not mistaken, I don't know if Booker was in that play, that game. I got to go back and check, but I know Bill was there. We picked up another W on Portland, so that was solid. I need two more. Give me two more. Give me two. Three more in a row. Appreciate it. Twelve cow. That's it. But I'm about to close. Oh, man. Before I get about it here. And it's sad that I'm getting about it here with bad news. DJ Hayden, former first round pick out of the University of Houston. Man, I guess I would go with this as the ending, but it's a sad, sad thing. Passed away today. Car accident. Oh, my God. I want to tell you about those. Can't stand them. And it's a young cat. Young cat. You know what I'm saying? And I want to say early 30s. Early 30s somewhere, man, that's sad, man. Sad. But rest in peace to him. EverybOdy show they love for falling. One solid player. Solid player in the NFL. He had a cool career. He had a solid career. Shout out to him, though, man. Shout out to him.

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